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Top ten blogs for 2021 by Macquarie Dictionary

Another long and strange year, capped off by the announcement of the Word of the Year, strollout. And of course, all year, our series on new words to watch got a lot of support and a little criticism for some of the words included, however we should note these are selected from words submitted by the Australian public, and are up for consideration only.

We’ll count down the top blogs for 2021 below. Which one was a hit for you?

  1. The inaugural Word of the Decade tops the list, with the crowning making history.
  2. And the Word of the Year 2021 shortlist caused a huge amount of conversation this year.
  3. The Aussie slang term, drongo was a hit.
  4. As was not here to f*ck spiders again.
  5. The publication of More Than Words: The Making of the Macquarie Dictionary.
  6. The humble, controversial bin chicken was also popular.
  7. Some useful phrases for the useless also stirred up some controversy.
  8. Delving into why we don’t say oneteen and twoteen instead of eleven and twelve.
  9. Another Aussie slang word, cactus got people talking.
  10. And finally, a blog about what to say instead of a swear word.

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