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Posted on 11 November 2021

What is the Macquarie Dictionary Word of the Year

Each year, the Macquarie Dictionary calls together a selected Committee to discuss the new words and definitions that have entered the Macquarie Dictionary over the year. The aim of this is to select one of these to be awarded the Word of the Year.

As part of this process, our editors create a longlist of words which over the course of a few hours (and one podcast episode, coming very soon), are whittled down into a short list. And from this, a Word of the Year is chosen.

Usually, we would announce the Committee's Choice and then open up the shortlist for a public vote for the People's Choice, but this year, we're keeping it under wraps until you have had your say. So, check out the shortlist, decide your top three and vote!

Vote below, and view the definitions here or scroll down for more!



Word of the Year 2021 shortlist

You can access the shortlist, including all the definitions, on our blog here. You can also download a pdf of the definitions here. And see them all below. Which of these 19 contenders will get your vote?

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Word of the Year 2021 - brain tickler Word of the Year 2021 - brick-bait Word of the Year 2021 - Delta Word of the Year 2021 - dignity suit Word of the Year 2021 - dry scooping Word of the Year 2021 - dump cake Word of the Year 2021 - front-stab Word of the Year 2021 - hate-follow Word of the Year 2021 - humane washing Word of the Year 2021 - last chance tourism Word of the Year 2021 - menty-b Word of the Year 2021 - NFT Word of the Year 2021 - porch pirate Word of the Year 2021 - range anxiety Word of the Year 2021 - shadow pandemic Word of the Year 2021 - sober curious Word of the Year 2021 - strollout Word of the Year 2021 - third place Word of the Year 2021 - wokescold

Committee's Choice Macquarie Dictionary Word of the Year 2021: coming soon

The Committee for the Word of the Year 2021 met in early November to discuss the new words entered into the Macquarie Dictionary over the past year. A longlist of just over 75 words from 16 categories (more on those here) was whittled down to just 19 up for contention as the official Word of the Year.

The Committee this year was comprised of:

  • David Astle - crossword maker, radio host, and writer
  • Nick Enfield - Professor of Linguistics, University of Sydney
  • Kim Scott - award-winning author, Professor of Creative Writing, Curtin University
  • Tiger Webb - language research specialist, ABC
  • Victoria Morgan - Managing Editor, Macquarie Dictionary
  • Alison Moore - Chief Editor, Macquarie Dictionary

Their selection and Honourable Mentions will be announced alongside the People's Choice when voting has concluded.

People's Choice Macquarie Dictionary Word of the Year 2021: coming soon

Voting is now open for the People's Choice Word of the Year 2021. Have your say above!