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The unanimous Word of the Year 2015 is 'captain's call'

captain's call

The votes have been tallied and for the first time in Word of the Year history, the people agree with the committee, crowning captain's call as the winning word.

This is a first – the people and the Committee have agreed that captain’s call is the Word of the Year. Clearly this term has resonated with Australians, possibly because it touches on two of our national passions – cricket and politics – and so has been nominated as the most valuable contribution to Australian English in 2015. –SUSAN BUTLER, THE EDITOR

Runners-up go to keyboard warrior and wombat gate. Read more about the Word of the Year and the chosen words here.

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Most searched words in 2015

The top 10 most commonly searched words in the online dictionary for 2015 are chuffed, wellbeing, practice, practise, firsthand, licence, healthcare, onboard, longstanding, and frontline.

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The act of understanding or mentally supplying something not expressed.


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