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Images in the dictionary

Coming soon!

The Macquarie Dictionary Online is soon to have images. We will be adding images to the online dictionary in April 2015, beginning with images of war words (from the Australian War Memorial). Watch this space for more information.

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Need help using the thesaurus?

A thesaurus is a dictionary of synonyms that have been presented in notionally related groups. It's a great resource for when you want to use a word with a particular meaning but cannot bring the exact word to mind. 

For help on how to use the thesaurus, visit our Help page or click on the links below:

About keywords 
Finding words 
List of keywords 

If you only have access to the dictionary you can update your subscription to cover thesaurus access when renewing. 

What's new in print?

Our Budget and Little range are now available with durable PVC covers! Perfect editions for back to school. 

The PVC Macquarie Budget Dictionary and Macquarie Budget Thesaurus are just $14.99 each. The Budget Dictionary has over 37,000 definitions while the Budget Thesaurus has over 85,000 synonyms all distilled into a compact, easy-to-carry format. 

The PVC Macquarie Little Dictionary has over 30,000 definitions and offers valuable usage notes on words which can cause problems for writers of Australian English. The PVC Macquarie Little Thesaurus has over 85,000 synonyms including many contemporary and informal expressions. Just $10.99 each.

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