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OzPic Episode 10: Tank and dam

 OzPic Episode 10: Tank, Reservoir, Weir, Dam

(Image by JJ Harrison, courtesy of Wikimedia)

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The first use of tank in Australia was perfectly in line with the original meaning of a word from the Gujarati language of western India, where it was the name for an artificial reservoir for water made by excavation or by damming. This Anglo-Indian usage became part of the military jargon applied in Australia.

A tank might be an underground reservoir, or a well, or an indoor container or cistern in a house. A dam is the wall that obstructs the water flow, and a pool or lake forms behind it. In Australia, we tend to think of the whole thing – the wall, and the water behind it – as the dam. The word weir follows a similar path to the word dam, and refers to a blockade put up to stop the flow of water.

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