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Susan Butler talks portmanteau words

portmanteau words

Crunching words together to make a new coinage has been a popular pastime in the English language since the nineteenth century. You might be using some of these words without even realising it.

Read more about portmanteau words and where they come from in our From the Editor blog.

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"Starting from its historic first edition in 1981, the Macquarie Dictionary has become an essential treasure house of Australian culture... The whole dictionary is framed from an Australian point of view with Australian meanings and usages given preference in selection and presentation over purely overseas ones." Les Murray

There are more than:

  • 150,000 headwords and run-on headwords
  • 17,000 idiomatic phrases
  • 234,000 definitions
  • 44,500 etymologies
  • 1300 notes on language usage
  • 23,500 encyclopedic entries
  • 25,000 audio pronunciation files
  • 500 images

We're on the hunt for more images

images in the dictionary

So far the online dictionary has several hundred environment photos and war images, illustrating our diverse landscape, flora and fauna, and portraying the Australian experience in WWI. We are now looking for more images to further illustrate entries in the online dictionary.

If you have photos of any Australian places, landscapes, or any other photos that depict an entry in the dictionary, please send them our way. Photos sent to us will be reviewed for possible inclusion in the dictionary online, plus they may be featured on our Instagram

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A decorative or artistic style (in art, decor, film, etc.) which reflects or suggests the Japanese tradition.


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