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    Defining World War I in words and pictures

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The Great Australian Spelling Bee

Little kids, big words. Get ready to be spellbound...

The Great Australian Spelling Bee

Macquarie is proud to be the official dictionary for The Great Australian Spelling Bee.

Coming to TEN August 3, at 7:30pm on Mondays and Tuesdays.

OzPic: Picturing the Australian Environment

This joint project between the ABC and Macquarie Dictionary aims to uncover new words relating to the Australian environment and to collect photographs that illustrate the environment around you for inclusion in the dictionary.

Tune in to your local ABC radio station each week for a regular program with our Editor, Susan Butler, or listen to latest audio here. You can sign up to the free newsletter to receive regular updates about the project and be notified when the latest audio is available online.

Help us create a picture of the Australian environment by adding your photo to the #ozpic conversation.

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Belonging or relating to the Orthoptera, an order of insects that includes the crickets, grasshoppers, etc., characterised usually by leathery forewings and longitudinally folded, membranous hind wings.


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