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Our Word of the Year 2018 is...

Coming very soon! Read about our previous Words of the Year here.

We are keeping an eye on all the words of the year being announced around the world, so please come and read along and let us know what you think about words like toxic, misinformation and Canberra bubble.

You can get a hint of what new words we'll be announcing in our blogs of words to watch. Tell us what word you think should be on the list when it is announced in January 2019. Who knows, you might be right on the money!

Image of beach with text 2018 Word of the Year

Our podcast, Word for Word

Image of: podcast, Word for Word ep 23 Noongar

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Seven new words for the dictionary

Sleazecore, noblebright, proogle and more new words for you to learn and marvel at as we consider them for the dictionary.

Image of new words for November 2018

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Belonging to the Entomostraca, a subclass of mostly small crustaceans.