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Want more after Susan Butler's TEDxSydney talk?

Check out the articles below, or browse her blog From the Editor. There are heaps of posts about some of the linguist terms and points she touched on in her speech, plus so much more.

How do words get in the dictionary?

The change in meaning of 'hoi polloi'

Verse as a verb & sneaked or snuck


Why is youse in the dictionary?



Susan Butler's 'The Aitch Factor'

From the editor of the Macquarie Dictionary, Australia’s national dictionary, comes this lively, and often hilarious, debate on Australian English.

Drawing on her own depth of experience, community consultation and the odd letter of outrage, Susan Butler chronicles her unique adventures with the wonderfully malleable but strangely resilient beast known as the English language, and pays particular attention to the way Australians have trained it to fit their circumstances.

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Full media release available for download at our News page.

Need help using the thesaurus?

A thesaurus is a dictionary of synonyms that have been presented in notionally related groups. It's a great resource for when you want to use a word with a particular meaning but cannot bring the exact word to mind. 

For help on how to use the thesaurus, visit our Help page or click on the links below:

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A red-brown earth pigment.


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