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My subscription to the MD on-line was a great investment. I can confidently look up spelling and usage in the knowledge that it is correct for my presentation of Australian culture to the rest of the world. I used to use any free on-line dictionary I could access, and I was never quite sure it reflected the situation in our own country. - Craig 

As an author and editor, I cannot live without my Macquarie. - Dale Lorna 

I can't live without my online Macquarie... [it] is one of the best things on my computer... the convenience of simply clicking on the dictionary to use it or the thesaurus cannot be overstated. There is no comparison given the time one wastes leafing through a hard copy trying to find a word... [The Macquarie Dictionary] is our dictionary with our spelling. - Kate

Susan Butler's 'The Aitch Factor'

From the editor of the Macquarie Dictionary, Australia’s national dictionary, comes this lively, and often hilarious, debate on Australian English.

Drawing on her own depth of experience, community consultation and the odd letter of outrage, Susan Butler chronicles her unique adventures with the wonderfully malleable but strangely resilient beast known as the English language, and pays particular attention to the way Australians have trained it to fit their circumstances.

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Full media release available for download at our News page.

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