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OzPic Episode 4: Creek


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Do you have a creek near you? Or another watercourse? What does this environment look like? What types of plants and animals live here? Send us photos of this environment for your chance to be featured on Instagram or in the next OzPic News.

And don't forget to upload your photos for the bushbombora and billabong.

OzPic: Picturing the Australian Environment

Help us create a picture of the Australian environment by submitting your photo to us and go in the draw to win a copy of Salt Creek by Lucy Treloar. (Competition available in Australia only.)

Enter the draw to win a copy of Salt Creek

This joint project between the ABC and Macquarie Dictionary aims to uncover new words relating to the Australian environment and to collect photographs that illustrate the environment around you for inclusion in the dictionary.

Tune in to your local ABC radio station each week for a regular program with our Editor, Susan Butler, or listen to latest audio here. You can sign up to the free newsletter to receive regular updates about the project and be notified when the latest audio is available online. And follow the #ozpic conversation on Instagram.

The Great Australian Spelling Bee is here!

Macquarie is proud to be the official dictionary for The Great Australian Spelling Bee.

The Great Australian Spelling Bee

Tune in to watch Australia's top spellers every Monday and Tuesday night from 7:30pm on TEN. Missed an episode? Catch up on all the action on TENplay now.

Keen to brush up on your spelling skills? Take the spelling challenge or download the handy practice sheets featuring the words from the show. You'll be a spelling star in no time! 


Word of the Day


Someone who favours seclusion or lives a secluded life.


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