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Your top ten Macquarie Dictionary blogs for 2019


This year, the Macquarie Dictionary covered topics from the etymology of the word kangaroo and echidna, to the way we refer to classic Aussie food like cheese slaw and parmigiana, to all the new words on the watchlist for possible inclusion in the dictionary.

Each month, we highlighted a particular Aussie slang phrase as part of our Word of the Week series, and throughout the year, we compiled and shared lists of beautiful words such as cavalier and verdigris.

But it comes time once again to count down our top ten blogs for 2019 as decided by our readers. Is your favourite article here?

  1. Our most popular Word of the Week and blog for 2019 was youse.
  2. Six more beautiful words like glockenspiel and croquembouche.
  3. The origin of the word kangaroo.
  4. The Sydney language (Dharug & Eora).
  5. Our Chief Editor on the influence of other Englishes on Australian English.
  6. The surprising etymology of echidna.
  7. A discussion about whether to say by accident or on accident.
  8. Creative ways to talk about getting fired.
  9. Do you shorten parmigiana to parma, parmi or parmo?
  10. And of course, the 2019 Word of the Year shortlist.

If there’s something you want to know about, comment below and we’ll have a look.

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