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Should bottle-o, smombie and deathiversary go in the dictionary?

After last month, we’re ready to look at some more new words as submitted by you, our readers and fellow word hawks. And you haven’t disappointed! This month, we’re looking at some new and old slang and an obscure technical term. We are always on the lookout for new, emerging and interesting words to add to the Macquarie Dictionary, so please let us know if you know of one.

Navigating the smombies to get to the bottle-o in time for a perigee syzygy viewing party is a centennial thing, right? Don’t forget to pick up some qukes at the grocer on the way home.

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Macquarie Dictionary new words - smombie - someone who walks around with their head in their smartphone; a smartphone zombie.

Macquarie Dictionary new words - centennial - the generation born around the turn of the 21st century.

Macquarie Dictionary new words - bottle-o - any bottle shop selling alcohol.

Macquarie Dictionary new words - perigee syzygy - a supermoon

Macquarie Dictionary new words - deathiversary - the anniversary of a person's death or a thing's demise, marked annually.

Macquarie Dictionary new words - quke - a baby cucumber.

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