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Does this blog pass the pub test?

The pub test is the notional measure of public opinion on a proposal or candidate arrived at by asking the average drinker in a hotel what they think. With the possibility of a Federal election in 2021, you’re likely to hear and see this phrase a lot more. 

At this point in the blog we need to make a crucial decision: we can talk about politics or pubs. If you’re a politics junkie, be sure to check out our democracy sausage blog. Otherwise, stick around for some pub related slang. 

Do you visit the top pub or the bottom pub? This pair of hotels sit at opposite ends of town and lie opposed to each other. Maybe you live in a one-pub town and don’t even have the luxury of choosing between two watering holes for your session. If so, be sure to check out our blog on one-pub towns. 

Perhaps you live in a town with so many pubs you spend your Saturdays playing pub golfa type of pub crawl in which nine pubs are visited, each of which have a certain ‘par’ of how many beers are to be drunk. I think anyone would be lying in the rough after a round of pub golf. 

Each week, we have a look at a slang word from Australian English. You can see other Aussie Word of the Week posts from the Macquarie Dictionary here.

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