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Wrap up for our cold words

Today we have a blog that will send a shiver down your spine…brr (sorry). 

With winter on its way out we thought this was our last chance to share some of our favourite “cold” words. So pop a cold one and enjoy the list of our favourite chilly entries below. 

Let’s start with cold shoulder (which we hope you aren’t giving this blog) meaning to ignore someone. There is also a fashion equivalent, a cold shoulder dress, which is a dress with bare shoulders. Frozen mitt is the Aussie slang version of cold shoulder

Have you heard about Bundaberg snow? No it isn’t a freak weather event, it is the ashes that fall after burning off a sugarcane field. 

How could we leave without mentioning the Cold War? Capitalised, Cold War refers specifically to the big stoush between the USA and the Soviet Union, whereas the uncapitalised cold war refers more broadly to an intense economic and political rivalry just short of military conflict.

Cold turkey isn’t just what you eat every day for a week after Christmas, but the sudden and complete withdrawal of narcotics and other addictive substances without warning. 

If you are reading this blog and getting cold feet then I recommend a hot foot soak.

Are there any other “cold” words we’ve missed? Let us know in the comments.

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