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Where is the thingo?

Today we feature a classic piece of Aussie slang, a word for all situations, so flexible that it can bend into any lexicon, what was it again? Sorry, I’ve forgotten the name of the thingo… oh, that’s it! Thingo is this week’s Aussie Word of the Week. 

Thingo is versatile. A handy place holder for the forgetful and lazy amongst us. Want to change the channel? Ask someone to pass you the thingo and they will invariably know what you mean.

Thingo is the Aussie way of saying thingummy or thingamyjiggey or thingamabob or even thingy. It has been in common use since the 1960s. Australians use thingo so much in day-to-day speech you probably don’t even notice you’re doing it!

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