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The sound of the doof doof


Can you feel the beat, yeah? How about the bass reverberating through your skull? That’s the doof, a type of dance music echoic of the sound of the deep thumping bass. Doof music is usually heard blaring from the cars of hoons who cruise the streets of your suburb after dark. Invariably, the doof punches through the walls of your house and thumps you in the ear just as you are finally falling asleep. As such, doof doof is the name given to a car with a pumping sound system, while a doofer is someone who enjoys doof music, though I’m sure we can think of ruder names. 

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Outside the city, a bush doof is an outdoor party, usually held in a remote location, and featuring electronic dance music. At least people in the bush are considerate enough to take their doof music somewhere private.

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