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Some words are more beautiful words than others

Words can be beautiful in the way they look, the way they sound and in what they mean. Some words hit the trifecta of beauty, and others have only one. And still more are only beautiful to some people. We have a pretty good idea of what we like to see in words, but it’s a very subjective artform. One person may love the word craquelure, but another may find it repulsive.

We have found eight more beautiful words to bring you a little joy. From words about dreams, to writing and reading, Shakespeare and fine art – there is a word to suit everyone in our series.

You can read our series on beautiful words here on our blog. We think every word is beautiful in its own way, and would love to hear from you what your chosen few words are. Comment below if you have a gem you think we’ve missed.

Beautiful words - cavalier - haughty, disdainful, or supercilious

Beautiful words - oneiric - of or relating to dreams

Beautiful words - verdigris - green or bluish patina formed on copper, brass, or bronze surfaces

Beautiful words - soliloquy - the act of talking when alone or as if alone

Beautiful words - craquelure - the fine hairlines that develop on old paintings

Beautiful words - immaculate - free from moral blemish or impurity; pure, or undefiled

Beautiful words - salacious - of writings, obscene, titillating

Beautiful words - persiflage - light, bantering talk

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