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Six new words to watch

Now that the Word of the Year has been decided, it’s time to start looking ahead at the words that may make the list for 2020. We’ve got some occupational nicknames this month, in the form of chippy and sparky (presumably to go with tradie). Any carpenters or electricians out there who are familiar with these terms?

On the other side of nicknames, we have the Karen generation, a new, somewhat derogatory name for generation X, as coined by later generations. Sure to stir up as much controversy as the recent upswell of ok boomer.

Plus, some controversy from the past few years with poo jogger entering the fray, and new words messenge and pescavegan gaining relevance. Scroll down for the definitions and let us know what you think.

Let us know if you have any other suggestions. We are always happy to hear new words, no matter how big or small a usage they may have. Be sure to vote for some of these when we post them on our Instagram stories.

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New words square - chippy - a carpenter

New words square - poo jogger - a person who poos in public while out jogging

New words square - Karen generation - a nickname for generation x, usually used by youth

New words square - sparky - an electrician

New words square - pescavegan - a vegan who also eats fish

New words square - messenge - to message, usually using an app

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