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Should these words go in the Macquarie Dictionary?

We are always on the lookout for new, emerging and interesting words to add to the Macquarie Dictionary. In a time of global instant communication, these words are popping up faster and in vaster quantities than ever before.

We’d like to highlight some of the fun, creative and intriguing submissions we receive from you, the reader. Let us know if you know any others and what you think of these ones.

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Macquarie Dictionary new words - transracial - being born one race but identifying as another.

Macquarie Dictionary new words - WAxit - the secession of Western Australia from the Australian federation.

Macquarie Dictionary new words - blackwashing - casting a 'traditionally' white character with a black actor.

Macquarie Dictionary new words - solarpunk - a genre of fiction in which the future is depicted as a positive balance between humanity and the environment.

Macquarie Dictionary new words - splinternet - the breaking up of the internet across national and regional lines.

Macquarie Dictionary new words - glo up - a makeover or transformation from drab to fab.

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