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Should these six new words go in the dictionary?

Once a month, we pick out a few words submitted by you for consideration in the Macquarie Dictionary. There is no real criteria; we’re looking for anything specific to Australia or from overseas, the words that make you angry or blush, words completely unheard of or from out of left field. There are no wrong submissions! For the month of June, we have had some interesting submissions, and have picked six words for you to enjoy below.

So, do you think mewing is effective or just a trend? Do you know a cashy or ever made kintsugi? Have you ever witnessed an honour walk?

Let us know if you have any other suggestions. We are always happy to hear new words, no matter how big or small a usage they may have. Be sure to vote for some of these when we post them on our Instagram stories.

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Image of definition of blank: to look at someone or something but not register their or its existence.

Image of definition of cashy: a ‘cash-in-hand’ job, or the person performing in one.

Image of definition of dummy thicc: very voluptuous

Image of definition of kintsugi: to repair broken pottery with gold, silver or platinum dusted lacquer, originally from Japan.

Image of definition of mewing: to keep your tongue on the roof of your mouth with your lips closed thought to change the shape of the jawline and face to be more photogenic.

Image of definition of honour walk: the act of hospital staff lining the corridor as a patient who is brain dead or clinically dead is wheeled past on their way to become an organ donor.

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