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Should these seven new words go in the dictionary?

Once a month, we pick out a few words submitted by you for consideration in the Macquarie Dictionary. We’re looking for anything new, quirky, out of left field, Australian-specific or completely unknown and obscure. Nothing is off the table! For the month of May, we have had a significant amount of submissions, and have picked seven interesting ones for you to enjoy below.

So, what do you think of cancel culture? Have you or anyone you know ever been prangry after watching a mukbang? Are you in support of closed loop systems? Have you ever been a victim of fish fraud

Let us know if you have any other suggestions. We are always happy to hear new words, no matter how big or small a usage they may have. Be sure to vote for some of these when we post them on our Instagram stories.

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Image of definition of prangry: to be pregnant, angry and hungry all at the same time.

Image of definition of mukbang: a livestream in which the host eats a great deal of food while interacting with the viewers.

Image of definition of cancel culture: the phenomenon of ceasing support for a product, celebrity or idea that has been found to be unacceptable in some way, known as ‘cancelling’.

Image of definition of closed loop: a system that supports the recycling and repackaging of waste products into new ones with a goal of minimising waste.

Image of definition of fish fraud: the practice of businesses mislabelling seafood in order to save money or increase profits, eg. offering barrmundi but serving basa.

Image of definition of bubble wrap generation: the generation (from about 1995 on wards) who are overprotected by parents.

Image of definition of cheeseslaw: a side dish or sandwich filling made of grated cheese, carrot and mayonnaise, common in Broken Hill, NSW.

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