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Should these seven new words go in the dictionary?

Every month, we review some of the new words as submitted by you for consideration in the Macquarie Dictionary. We are looking for interesting, Australia-specific usage, but we love all new, and sometimes old but relatively unknown words. This month, we had a plethora of submissions but we’ve picked a few of the more interesting ones below.

So, have you ever had the pleasure of seeing a ghost apple? Do you know anyone who suffers from lane rage? What is your opinion on unschooling

Let us know if you have any other suggestions. We are always happy to hear new words, no matter how big or small a usage they may have. And you can vote for some of these when we post them on our Instagram stories.

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Image of definition of dry flood: when drought-affected land is filled with floodwater.

Image of definition of ghost apple: the ice casing left behind when a rotting apple is coated in rain which freezes into an empty ice coating.

Image of definition of lane rage: unruly and violent behaviour exhibited by swimmers, particularly when sharing a lane with another swimmer of a different speed.

Image of definition of egirl: a woman who is active on the online gaming community.

Image of definition of period poverty: when someone's financial situation means that they cannot afford sanitary items for menstruation.

Image of definition of unschooling: a form of homeschooling in which the child directs their own learning based on what they are interested in.

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