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Macquarie Dictionary Online gives access to the complete Macquarie Dictionary Seventh Edition (published in 2017) with annual updates of new words, along with its companion reference the Macquarie Thesaurus. Our online service offers fast and easy access to over 300,000 Australian words and definitions, encyclopedic entries, audio pronunciations for over 25,000 entries, etymologies, usage notes and more. This is the most comprehensive version of the dictionary available.

Another option for schools is the Student Macquarie Dictionary and Thesaurus Online. This is recommended for students aged 10-15 but can be used by those younger and older as well. Find more information on this excellent resource here.

An individual subscription to the Macquarie Dictionary and Thesaurus Online is $49.99.

An individual subscription to the Macquarie Dictionary Online is $39.99.

Prices are inclusive of GST. Individual subscriptions are for 12 months. 

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