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Seven more beautiful words from our editors

Recently, we put together a list of all the most beautiful words we could come up with, either because of the way they sound, the balance in their spelling or their lovely definitions (or a combination of many). We whittled the list down and shared them with you as an ode to the beauty of the English language.


We found this an inspiring exercise and one with a neverending bounty of words. We even received some lovely words from readers to add to the list. Words such as persiflage, meander and umbriferous (recently one of our Words of the Day) are all gorgeous suggestions.


So, we made another list, to hopefully bring some joy to your days again. And please don’t forget to comment and tell us even more of your own ideas of beautiful words.

Beautiful words - menagerie - a collection of wild or strange animals

Beautiful words - ambrosia - the food of the gods in classical mythology

Beautiful words - mercurial - sprightly, volatile

Beautiful words - phoenix - a person or thing that is restored after death

Beautiful words - embonpoint - exaggerated plumpness, stoutness

Beautiful words - frankincense - an aromatic gum resin

Beautiful words - gravitas - dignified authority, seriousness

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