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A ampere
Å angstrom
AA Alcoholics Anonymous; Athletics Australia
AAA Australian Automobile Association
AAC Aboriginal Arts Committee
AAEC Australian Atomic Energy Commission
AAH Australian Academy of the Humanities
AAP Australian Associated Press
AAS Australian Academy of Science
AASE Australian Associated Stock Exchange
A'asia Australasia
AAT Australian Antarctic Territory; Administrative Appeals Tribunal
AB Able Seaman
ab., abt. about
ABA Australian Broadcasting Authority
abb., abbr., abbrev. abbreviation
ABC Australian Broadcasting Corporation
abn Australian Business Number
abs Australian Bureau of Statistics
ac acre
a.c., AC alternating current
a/c account; air conditioning
AC Companion of the Order of Australia; Aircraftman
A/C account; account current
ACA Australian Communications Authority; Australian Consumers' Association
ACB Australian Cricket Board
acc. acceleration; accent; acceptance; according; account; accusative
ACC Australian Crime Commission; Australian Council of Churches
ACCC Australian Competition and Consumer Commission
accel. (Music) quickening (Italian: accelerando)
ACCI Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
accom. accommodation; accompaniment
ACDT Australian Central Daylight Time
ACER Australian Council for Educational Research
ACF Australian Conservation Foundation
ACFOA Australian Council for Overseas Aid
ACM Australians for Constitutional Monarchy; Air Chief Marshal
ACMA Australian Communications and Media Authority
ACMF Australian Citizens Military Force
ACN Australian Company Number
ACO Australian Chamber Orchestra
ACOSS Australian Council of Social Service
ACR Aircraftman Recruit
ACST Australian Central Standard Time
ACT Australian Capital Territory
ACTU Australian Council of Trade Unions
ACU Australian Catholic University
ACW Aircraftwoman
ACWR Aircraftwoman Recruit
AD in the year of our Lord (Latin: Anno Domini); Australian Democrats; Dame of the Order of Australia
adag. (Music) leisurely (Italian: adagio)
ADC Aboriginal Development Commission
ADD Attention Deficit Disorder
add. addendum
Adel. Adelaide
ADF approved deposit fund; Australian Defence Force
ADFA Australian Defence Force Academy
ADHD Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
ADI acceptable daily intake
adj. adjective
ad lib. at pleasure, to the extent desired (Latin: ad libitum)
ad loc. at the place (Latin: ad locum)
ADML Admiral
admin. administration
ADO accrued (or accumulated) day off
ADP automatic data processing; adenosine diphosphate
ADR Australian Design Rules
adv., advb adverb
advert, advt advertisement
ADVO apprehended domestic violence order
AEC Australian Electoral Commission
AEDT Australian Eastern Daylight Time
AEST Australian Eastern Standard Time
AeT aerobic threshold
AETT Australian Elizabethan Theatre Trust
AEU Australian Education Union
AEW&C airborne early warning and control
AFC Australian Flying Corps; Australian Film Commission
AFI Australian Film Institute
AFL Australian Football League
AFP Australian Federal Police
AFSM Australian Fire Service Medal
aft. after; afternoon
aftn afternoon
AGL above ground level
AGM annual general meeting
agric. agriculture
a.h., AH after hours
AHD Australian Height Datum
AHS Australian Hearing Services
AI artificial intelligence; artificial insemination; Amnesty International
AIATSIS Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies
AIDC Australian Industry Development Corporation
AIDT Aboriginal Islander Dance Theatre
AIF Australian Imperial Force
AIM Australian Inland Mission
AIRC Australian Industrial Relations Commission
AIRCDRE Air Commodore
AIS Australian Institute of Sport
AJA Australian Journalists' Association
AJC Australian Jockey Club
AK Knight of the Order of Australia
alg. algebra
ALP Australian Labor Party
ALRC Australian Law Reform Commission
al seg. (Music) to the sign (Italian: al segno)
a.m. before noon (Latin: ante meridiem)
AM Member of the Order of Australia; (Radio) amplitude modulation
AMA Australian Medical Association
AMD acid mine drainage
AMDG for the greater glory of God (Latin: ad majorem Dei gloriam)
amen. amenities
AMF Australian Military Forces
amt amount
AMWU Australian Manufacturing Workers' Union; Amalgamated Metal Workers Union
ANA Australian Natives' Association
ANARE Australian National Antarctic Research Expeditions
anat. anatomy; anatomical
ANC African National Congress
and. (Music) moderately slow (Italian: andante)
ANL Australian National Line
ann. annual
anniv. anniversary
anon. anonymous
ans. answer
ANSTO Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation
anth. anthology
ANU Australian National University
ANZ Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Ltd
ANZAAS Australian and New Zealand Association for the Advancement of Science
ANZAC Australian and New Zealand Army Corps
ANZUS Australia, New Zealand and the United States (Security Treaty)
AO Officer of the Order of Australia
AOC Australian Olympic Committee
AOTC Australian and Overseas Telecommunications Corporation
Ap., Apl, Apr. April
AP (in the US) Associated Press
APC armoured personnel carrier
APEC Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (group)
APF absolute pollen frequency
API application programming interface
app. appended; appendix; appointed; approval
APP Apprentice
approx. approximate; approximately
APRA Australian Prudential Regulation Authority; Australasian Performing Right Association
APS Australian Public Service
AQIS Australian Quarantine Inspection Service
ARA Australian Regular Army
arch. architect; architecture; archipelago
ARIA Australian Record Industry Association
arith. arithmetic
ARL Australian Rugby League
ARM Australian Republican Movement
arr. arranged; arrival; arrives; arrived
ARU Australian Rugby Union
AS Anglo-Saxon; Australian Standards
ASA Australian Soccer Association
ASAP, a.s.a.p. as soon as possible
ASBO (in the UK) anti-social behaviour order
ASC Australian Sports Commission
ASCAS Australian Soil Carbon Accreditation Scheme
ASD autism spectrum disorder
ASEAN Association of South-East Asian Nations
ASIC Australian Securities and Investments Commission; Australian Standard Industrial Classification
ASIO Australian Security Intelligence Organisation
ASIS Australian Secret Intelligence Service
ASL above sea level; American Sign language
ASLT Acting Sub Lieutenant
ASSA Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia
Assn, assn association
assoc. associate; associated; association
asst assistant
astr., astron. astronomy; astronomical; astronomer
astrol. astrology; astrological; astrologer
ASU Australian Services Union; Amalgamated Shearers' Union
ASX Australian Stock Exchange
AT appropriate technology; anaerobic threshold
ATAR Australian Tertiary Admission Rank
ATCA Australia Telescope Compact Array
atm standard atmosphere
ATM automatic teller machine
ATNF Australia Telescope National Facility
at. no. atomic number
ATO Australian Taxation Office
ATSE Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering
ATSIC Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission
ATSICDC Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commercial Development Corporation
attrib. attributed
at. wt atomic weight
AU astronomical unit
AUC ab urbe condita; Australian Universities Commission
AUD Australian dollar
Aug. August
Aus., Aust. Australia; Australian
Austral. Australasia; Australia
av., avg., avge average
Av., Ave Avenue
AV audio-visual
AVM Air Vice-Marshal
AVO apprehended violence order
AWA Australian Workplace Agreement
AWB Australian Wheat Board
AWD all-wheel drive
AWL absent without leave
AWLA Australian Women's Land Army
AWOL (Chiefly US) absent without leave
AWST Australian Western Standard Time
AWU Australian Workers' Union
b. born; (Cricket) bowled; breadth; blend of; blended; bedroom; billion
bal. balance
BA building application; Bachelor of Arts
B&B bed and breakfast
B&W black and white
Bapt. Baptist
BAS Business Activity Statement
BBQ barbecue
BC Before Christ
BCA Business Council of Australia
bcc blind carbon copy; (in emails) blind courtesy copy
BCC basal cell carcinoma
BCE Before the Common Era
bch beach; branch
BCOF British Commonwealth Occupation Force
b/d (Accounting) brought down
Bde Brigade
bdg binding; building
BDR Bombardier
b/e, B/E bill of exchange
b/f (Accounting) brought forward
BH business hours
b.h.p. brake horsepower
bi, b/i, BI built-in
Bib. Bible; Biblical
BIC Barrier Industrial Council
biol. biology; biological; biologist
bir, BIR built-in robe
BIS Bank for International Settlements
bk bank; book
bldg building
BLF Builders' Labourers Federation
Blvd, Boul. Boulevard
BMI body mass index
BMR Bureau of Mineral Resources
BO body odour
BOD biochemical oxygen demand
bot. botany; botanical; botanist; bottle
bp (Genetics) base pair
bps bits per second; bytes per second
BP Before Present (before 1950, in dating system used in geology, archaeology, etc.)
bpm (Music) beats per minute
Bq becquerel
Br. Brother
BRIG Brigadier
Brisb. Brisbane
Brit. Britain; British
Bro. brother
Bros brothers
BSc Bachelor of Science
Btu British thermal unit
B2B business-to-business
B2C business-to-consumer
bus. bushel
B/W black and white
BYO bring your own
BYOG bring your own grog
c. (Cricket) caught; cent; centigrade; century; (preceding dates) about (Latin: circa)
C Cape; Celsius; Centigrade; century; (Music) common time; coulomb
C/d care of
CAD computer-aided design
CAE computer-aided engineering; College of Advanced Education
cal calorie (gram calorie)
cal. calibre; (Music) slowing gradually and decreasing in volume (Italian: calando)
Cal calorie (kilogram calorie)
CALD culturally and linguistically diverse
CAM computer-aided manufacturing
CAMS Confederation of Australian Motor Sport
Cantab. of Cambridge (Latin: Cantabrigiensis)
Cap., Capt., CAPT Captain
cap. capital letter
cas. casual
Cath. Catholic
CAVMAN Cavalryman
CB (Radio) citizen band
CBA central borrowing authority; Commonwealth Bank of Australia
CBD Central Business District
CBU (of vehicles) completely built-up
cc cubic capacity; cubic centimetre(s); carbon copy; (in emails) courtesy copy
CCS carbon capture and storage
CCTV closed-circuit television
CCV credit card verification (number)
cd. candela
c/d (Accounting) carried down; carry down
CD compact disc
CDE carbon dioxide equivalent
CDM Clean Development Mechanism
CDMA (Telecom.) code-division multiple access
CDRE Commodore
CD-ROM compact disc read-only memory
CDT Central Daylight Time
CDU Charles Darwin University
CE Common Era; conductive education
CEDA Committee for the Economic Development of Australia
cent. centigrade; central; century
CEO Chief Executive Officer
cert. certain; certificate; certified
CES Commonwealth Employment Service
cf. compare (Latin: confer)
c/f (Accounting) carried forward; carry forward
CFC chlorofluorocarbon
CFL compact fluorescent light bulb
CFN Craftsman
CFO Chief Financial Officer
cg centigram
CGI common gateway interface
CGT capital gains tax
ch., chap. chapter
CHAP Chaplain
CHOGM Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting
chq. cheque
CIA (in the US) Central Intelligence Agency
CIB Criminal Investigation Branch; (in the UK) Bureau
C-in-C Commander-in-Chief
CID Criminal Investigation Department; (in the US) Criminal Investigation Division
circ. about (Latin: circa)
CIS Commonwealth of Independent States
cit. citation; cited (Latin: citato)
CJD Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease
CKD (of vehicles) completely knocked down centilitre
CLC Central Land Council
Cllr Councillor
CLOB Central Limit Order Book
CLP Country Liberal Party
cm centimetre
CM (metric) carat
CMDR Commander
CMF Citizen Military Forces
CMS content management system
CMT cash management trust
CND Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament
cnr corner
c/o care of
Co., Coy company
CO Commanding Officer
COAG Council of Australian Governments
COB close of business
COD cash on delivery
co-ed co-educational
Cof E Church of England
COL Colonel
col. colour
colloq. colloquial
Comm. Commonwealth
comp. compiled; composition; compound
compl. complimentary
conj. conjunction
cont., contd continued
co-op cooperative
COPD chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
Corp. Corporation; Corporal
CP Communist Party; Country Party
CPA certified practising accountant; Communist Party of Australia
CPI Consumer Price Index
CPL Corporal
CPO Chief Petty Officer
CQU Central Queensland University
CPR cardiopulmonary resuscitation
CPSU Community and Public Service Union; Communist Party of the Soviet Union
CPU central processing unit
Cr Councillor
cres. (Music) gradually louder (Italian: crescendo)
Cres. Crescent
CRO cathode-ray oscilloscope
CRP C-reactive protein
CRT cathode-ray tube
c/s cycles per second
CSIRO Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation
CSR Canning Stock Route
CST Central Standard Time
CSU Charles Sturt University
ct (Cricket) caught
Cth Commonwealth
C2B consumer-to-business
C2C consumer-to-consumer; creator-to-consumer
cu. cubic
CUB Carlton and United Breweries curriculum vitae; Cross of Valour
Cwlth, Cwth Commonwealth
CWA Country Women's Association
cwt hundredweight
CYSS Community Youth Support Scheme
d. daughter; density; diameter
DA development application; (in the US) district attorney
Dan. Danish; (Bible) Daniel
dbl., dble double
dB decibel
d.c. direct current
DC direct current; (Music) repeat (Italian: da capo); Double Certificated; (in the US) District of Columbia
dcd, dec. deceased
DDH developmental dysplasia of the hip
deb. debenture
Dec. December
dec. deceased; (Music) becoming softer (Italian: decrescendo)
deg. degree
dep. departure; departs; departed; deposit; depot; deputy
Dept, dept department
Deut. (Bible) Deuteronomy
DFAT Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
DFTD devil facial tumour disease
dict. dictionary
dip. diploma
Dip. Ed. Diploma of Education
disc. discount
DIY do-it-yourself
DLP Democratic Labor Party
DLUG double lock-up garage
DMZ demilitarised zone
DNA deoxyribonucleic acid
DNS domain name system
DOB date of birth
DON Director of Nursing
DOGS (Council for the) Defence of Government Schools
doz. dozen
DP displaced person
DPP Director of Public Prosecutions
dpt department
Dr Doctor
Dr. Drive (in street names)
DSD Defence Signals Directorate
d.s.e. designated spouse equivalent
dup. duplicate
DST daylight saving time
DSTO Defence Science and Technology Organisation
DTP desktop publishing
DTV digital TV
DV God willing (Latin: Deo volente)
DVI Disaster Victim Identification
DVT deep vein thrombosis
d/w dishwasher
dwt pennyweight
dyn. dyne
DX document exchange
E east; eastern
ea. each
Eccl. (Bible) Ecclesiastes
EC European Community
ECG electrocardiogram; electrocardiograph
ecol. ecology; ecological
econ. economy; economics; economist
ECT electroconvulsive therapy
ECU Edith Cowan University
ed., edit. edited; edition; editor
EDP electronic data processing
EDT Eastern Daylight Time
EEG electroencephalogram; electroencephalograph
EEO Equal Employment Opportunity
EER energy efficiency ratio; energy efficiency rating
EEZ Exclusive Economic Zone
EFI electronic fuel injection
EFL English as a foreign language
EFT electronic funds transfer
EFTPOS electronic funds transfer at point of sale
e.g. for example (Latin: exempli gratia)
eGH equine growth hormone
EGM extraordinary general meeting
EI equine influenza
EIA environmental impact assessment
EIS environmental impact statement
ELE extinction-level event
ELT extremely large telescope
ELV extra low-voltage
EMF, e.m.f. electromotive force
EMG electromyography
EN enrolled nurse
enc., encl. enclosed; enclosure
enl. enlarged
ens. ensuite
ENSO El Niño-Southern Oscillation
ENT (Medicine) ear, nose and throat
ENTER Equivalent National Tertiary Entrance Rank
env. envelope
EOFY end of financial year
EOFYS end of financial year sale
EOI expression of interest
EPAC Economic Planning and Advisory Council
EPNS electroplated nickel silver
EPO erythropoietin
equiv. equivalent
ERP enterprise resource planning
ESL English as a second language
esp. especially
ESP extrasensory perception
Esq. Esquire
est. established; estimated
EST Eastern Standard Time
estab. established
ETA estimated time of arrival
et al. and others (Latin: et alii)
etc. and so on (Latin: et cetera)
ETD estimated time of departure
ETP eligible termination payment
ETS emissions trading scheme (or system)
et seq. and that which follows (Latin: et sequens)
EU European Union
eV electronvolt
exc. except; excellent
Exc. Excellency
exch. exchange; exchequer
excl. excluding; exclusive
exec. executive; executor
ex lib. from the library of (Latin: ex libris)
Exod. (Bible) Exodus
exp. expenses; experienced; export; express
ext. external
Ezek. (Bible) Ezekiel
f. folio; following; franc; (Music) loud (Italian: forte)
f., fem. feminine; female
F Fahrenheit; farad
FAA Foundation for Aboriginal Affairs
FADM Admiral of the Fleet
FAHA Fellow of the Australian Academy of the Humanities
FAIP Fellow of the Australian Institute of Physics
FAO Food and Agriculture Organisation
f.a.q. fair average quality
FAQ frequently asked question; fair average quality
FAS, f.a.s. free alongside ship
FAW Fellowship of Australian Writers
FBI (in the US) Federal Bureau of Investigation
FBT fringe benefits tax
fcp foolscap
FCT Federal Capital Territory (now Australian Capital Territory)
Feb. February
ff folios; following; fully furnished; (Music) very loud (Italian: fortissimo)
FF fast forward
fict. fiction
FID financial institutions duty
FIE feline infectious enteritis
fi. fa. fieri-facias
fig. figure; figurative
figs figures
fl. flourished
fl dr fluid drachm
FLGOFF Flying Officer
fl oz fluid ounce
flr floor
FLTLT Flight Lieutenant
fm fathom
FM (Radio) frequency modulation; Field Marshal
FMCG fast-moving consumer goods
FMS fibromyalgia syndrome
FNQ Far North Queensland
FO foreign order
FOB, f.o.b. free on board
FOI freedom of information
FOL Festival of Light
fol. folio; following
FOO (Agric.) feed on offer
FP Field Position
FPP first-past-the-post
FPS first-person shooter
FRGSA Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society of Australasia
FSGT Flight Sergeant
FSR floor-space ratio
4WD four-wheel drive
Fr Father
Fr. Friday
freq. frequent; frequently
Fri., Frid. Friday
ft foot
f.t. full time
FTSE 100 Financial Times Stock Exchange 100
fur furlong
fwd forward
FWD four-wheel drive
FYI for your information
g gram
G gigabyte; (Film classification) general viewing
gal. gallon
G and S Gilbert and Sullivan
GATT General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade
GB gigabyte; Great Britain
GBH grievous bodily harm
GC gas chromatography
GCS Glasgow Coma Scale
Gdns Gardens
GDP Gross Domestic Product
gds goods
GE genetic engineering; genetically engineered
gen. general; genus; gender
Gen. (Bible) Genesis
GEN (Military) General
geog. geography; geographical; geographer
geol. geology; geological; geologist
geom. geometry; geometrical
ger. gerund; gerundive
GFC Global Financial Crisis
G-G, GG Governor-General
GHQ General Headquarters
GI glycaemic index
GIFT gamete intrafallopian transfer
GIS geographical information systems
gloss. glossary
GM genetically-modified; General Manager
GMO genetically-modified organism
GMT Greenwich Mean Time
GNP Gross National Product
GNR Gunner
Gov. Governor
Govt, govt government
GP general practitioner
GPCAPT Group Captain
GPO General Post Office
GPR ground-penetrating radar
GPS global positioning system; Greater Public Schools
gr. grain(s); grade; gross
gr. wt gross weight
GST goods and services tax
GUT grand unified theory
GWP global warming potential
h henry
h. height; hour
ha hectare
HAV hepatitis A virus
h.c.f. highest common factor
HCFC hydrochlorofluorocarbon
HCG human chorionic gonadotropin
hcp handicap
HDL high-density lipoprotein
hdqrs headquarters
HEV hepatitis E virus
h.f. high frequency
HFC hydrofluorocarbon; hydrogen fuel cell
HGH human growth hormone
HGP hormonal growth promotant
hist. history; historical
HIV human immunodeficiency virus
HLW high level waste
HM Her (or His) Majesty
HMAS Her (or His) Majesty's Australian Ship
HMR home meal replacement
HO Head Office
Hon. honourable; honorary
hosp. hospital
HP hire-purchase
hp horsepower
HPV human papillomavirus
HQ headquarters
hr hour
HR human resources; House of Representatives
HREOC Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission
HRT hormone replacement therapy
HRH Her (or His) Royal Highness
HSC Higher School Certificate
HT (Electricity) high-tension
Hts Heights
hwy highway
Hz hertz
IB International Baccalaureate
IBA Indigenous Business Australia
ibid. in the same place (Latin: ibidem)
IBS irritable bowel syndrome
i/c in charge; in command
IC integrated circuit; Industry Commission
ICAC Independent Commission against Corruption
ICC Indigenous Coordination Centre; International Criminal Court; International Cricket Council
ICT information and communications technology
id. the same (Latin: idem)
ID identification
i.e. that is (Latin: id est)
IED improvised explosive device
IGT impaired glucose tolerance
ILC Indigenous Land Corporation
illus. illustrated; illustration
ILO International Labour Organisation
ILW intermediate level waste
IMF International Monetary Fund
imp. imperial; import
Imp. Emperor (Latin: Imperator); Empress (Latin: Imperatrix)
imperf. imperfect; imperforate
in, in. inch
inc. included; including; inclusive; increase
Inc. Incorporated
INC Indian National Congress
incr., inc. increase
ind. independent
inHg inch of mercury
init. initially
in loc. cit. in the place cited (Latin: in loco citato)
ins. insurance
Insp. Inspector
inst. in or of the present month
int., intl internal
intro., introd. introduced; introduction
I/O input/output
IOU I owe you
IP intellectual property; internet protocol
IPA International Phonetic Alphabet
IPO initial public offering
IR industrial relations
IRA Irish Republican Army
IRB International Rugby Board
IRC Industrial Relations Commission; internet relay chat
IRP integrated resource planning
Is., is., isl. Island; Isle
ISBN International Standard Book Number
ISD International Subscriber Dialling
ISP internet service provider
ISS International Space Station
ISSN International Standard Serial Number
Isth., isth. Isthmus
IT information technology
ital. italics
IU International Unit
IUD intra-uterine device
IUS intra-uterine system
IVF in-vitro fertilisation
IWS International Wool Secretariat
IWW Industrial Workers of the World
J journal; joule; Judge; Justice
Jan., Ja. January
Jas (Bible) James
JBT Jervis Bay Territory
JCU James Cook University
Jer. (Bible) Jeremiah
JI Jemaah Islamiah; Joint Implementation
Jn (Bible) John
Jn., Jun. June
jnr, jr junior
Jon. (Bible) Jonah
Josh. (Bible) Joshua
JP Justice of the Peace
Jud., Judg. (Bible) Judges
Jul., Jl., Jy July
k kilometre; kilobyte
K thousand; kilometre; kilobyte; kelvin; king; Knight; (Bible) Kings; (Music) Köchel
Kb, kb kilobit
KB, Kb, kb kilobyte
kbps kilobits per second
kBps kilobytes per second
kbyte kilobyte
kd killed
kg kilogram
kHz kilohertz
KIF knowledge interchange format
kit. kitchen
kJ kilojoule
KKK Ku Klux Klan
KL Kuala Lumpur
kL, kl kilolitre
km kilometre
km/h kilometres per hour
KMS knowledge management systems
KO knockout
Knt Knight
kPa kilopascal
k.p.h. kilometres per hour
KPI key performance indicator
Kt knight
K-12 (in NSW, ACT) kindergarten to year 12
kW kilowatt
kWh kilowatt hour
l litre
l. left; length
L learner (driver); litre; lambert; (Electricity) inductance; Lake
La lambert
LA Legislative Assembly; Los Angeles
LAC Leading Aircraftman
LACW Leading Aircraftwoman
LAN local area network
lang. language
LARP live-action role-playing
lat. latitude
lb, lb. pound
lbf pound-force
LBM lean body mass
LBO leveraged buy-out
l.b.w. (Cricket) leg before wicket
l.c. lower case
LC Legislative Council; locus ceruleus
l.c.d. lowest common denominator
LCD liquid crystal display
LCDR Lieutenant Commander
l.c.m. lowest common multiple
LCPL Lance Corporal
LDL low-density lipoprotein
LED light-emitting diode
LEP local environment plan
LEUT (Navy) Lieutenant
LEV low-emission vehicle
Levit. (Bible) Leviticus
LFP lead-free petrol
LGB laser-guided bomb
lge large
l.h.s. left-hand side
Lib. Liberal (politics)
lic'd licensed
LLW low level waste
lm lumen
LMO living modified organism
LNG liquefied natural gas
loc. cit. in the place cited (Latin: loco citato)
log. logarithm
long. longitude
LOTE languages other than English
lox liquid oxygen
LPG liquefied petroleum gas
LS Leading Seaman
l.s.d. pounds, shillings and pence (Latin: librae, solidi, denarii)
LSL long service leave
LT (Electricity) low-tension; (Army) Lieutenant
LTCOL Lieutenant Colonel
Ltd Limited
LTGEN Lieutenant General
LUG lock-up garage
lx lux
l.y. light-year
m metre
m. male; masculine; married; mass; million; minute; month; noon (Latin: meridiem)
M (Film classification) mature
MA Master of Arts; (Film classification) mature accompanied
MAJ Major
MAJGEN Major General
MAP modified atmosphere packaging
Mar., Mch March
masc. masculine
math., maths mathematical; mathematics
matric. matriculation
max. maximum
mb millibar
Mb megabit
MB megabyte
MBO management buy-out
MBP Munchausen syndrome by proxy
Mbps megabits per second
MBps megabytes per second
mbyte megabyte
m.c. medical certificate
MC Master of Ceremonies; Military Cross
MCA Minerals Council of Australia; Museum of Contemporary Art (Sydney)
MCFC molten carbonate fuel cell
MCG Melbourne Cricket Ground
MD Doctor of Medicine
ME myalgic encephalomyelitis
MEAA Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance
med. medical; medicine; medium
Melb. Melbourne
Messrs Gentlemen (French: Messieurs)
met. metropolitan
meth. methylated
mf (Music) rather loud (Italian: mezzo-forte)
m.f. medium frequency
mfd manufactured
mfg manufacturing
MFN most favoured nation
mfr manufacture; manufacturer
mg milligram
Mgr, mgr Manager
MHA Member of the House of Assembly
MHR Member of the House of Representatives
MHz megahertz
MIA Murrumbidgee Irrigation Area
mid. middle; midnight
MIDN Midshipman
mil. military
mill. million
min. minute; minimum
misc. miscellaneous
MKS metre-kilogram-second (system)
MJ megajoule
ML megalitre
mL, ml millilitre
MLA Member of the Legislative Assembly
MLC Member of the Legislative Council
mm millimetre
mo. month
MO mail order; money order; Medical Officer
mod. modern; moderate; (Music) moderately, in moderate time (Italian: moderato)
Mon. Monday
MOR (Music) middle-of-the-road
mp (Music) moderately soft (Italian: mezzo-piano)
MP Member of Parliament; Military Police
m.p.g. miles per gallon
m.p.h. miles per hour
m.p.s. miles per second
MRAAF Marshal of the Royal Australian Air Force
MRI magnetic resonance imaging
MS manuscript; multiple sclerosis
MSBP Munchausen syndrome by proxy
MSF Médecins sans Frontières
MSG monosodium glutamate
Msgr Monsignor
MSL mean sea level
MSS manuscripts
mSv millisievert
Mt Mount; Mountain
Mt. (Bible) Matthew
mus. music; musical; musician; museum

(Military) Musician

MV Merchant Vessel; Motor Vessel
MW megawatt
MYR Malaysian ringgit
n. born (Latin: natus)
N north; northern; newton
n/a, n.a. not applicable; not available
NAB National Australia Bank
NAC National Aboriginal Conference
NAIDOC National Aboriginal Islander Day Observance Committee
NAISDA National Aboriginal Islander Skills Development Association
NAM Non-aligned Movement; Northern Australian Monsoon
NASA (in the US) National Aeronautics and Space Administration
nat. national; native; natural
NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organisation
naut. nautical nav. navigation; navy; naval
navig. navigation; navigator
NB note well (Latin: nota bene)
NBT next big thing
NCP National Country Party
NDE near-death experience
NDP Nuclear Disarmament Party
NE north-east; north-eastern
neg. negation; negative
NET New Earth Time
NFF National Farmers Federation
NGA National Gallery of Australia
NGO non-government organisation
NGV National Gallery of Victoria
NI Norfolk Island; (in NZ) North Island
NIC National Indigenous Council
NL no-liability company
NLA National Library of Australia
NLC Northern Land Council
NLP natural language processing; neuro-linguistic programming
NMA National Museum of Australia
no., No. number
NOHSC National Occupational Health and Safety Commission
nos, Nos numbers
Nov. November
NPA National Party of Australia
NRAC National Rural Advisory Board
NPT Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty
nr near
NRL National Rugby League
NSU non-specific urethritis
NSW New South Wales
NT Northern Territory; (Bible) New Testament
NTCE Northern Territory Certificate of Education
NTU Northern Territory University
Num. (Bible) Numbers
NW north-west; north-western
NZ New Zealand
O ohm
OA Order of Australia
OAE otoacoustic emission
OAET otoacoustic emission test
OAM Medal of the Order of Australia
obs. observation; observatory; obsolete
OC Officer Commanding; opportunity class
occas. occasion
OCD obsessive-compulsive disorder
OCDT Officer Cadet
Oct. October
O/D overdraft; overdrawn; on demand
ODD oppositional defiant disorder
ODP ozone depletion potential
ODS ozone depleting substance
OECD Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development
off. office; officer; official
OHMS On Her (or His) Majesty's Service
OHS, OH&S occupational health and safety
o.h.v. overhead valve
OLA Open Learning Australia
ONA Office of National Assessments
o.n.o. or near(est) offer
OOS occupational overuse syndrome
OOSH out of school hours
op. cit. in the work cited (Latin: opere citato)
op. operation; opus
OP overproof rum; out of print; (Qld Education) overall position; (Theatre) opposite prompt
OPEC Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries
opp. opposite
opt. option
orch. orchestra
ord. order; ordinary
orig. origin; original
Orth. Orthodox
o.s. overseas
o/s out of stock
OS outsize; operating system; Ordinary Seaman
o/t overtime
OT (Bible) Old Testament; occupational therapy; occupational therapist; Overland Telegraph (Line)
Oxon. of Oxford (Latin: Oxoniensis)
oz ounce
p. page; (Music) softly (Italian: piano)
P provisional (driver's licence)
p.a. yearly (Latin: per annum)
Pa protactinium
P&C Parents and Citizens Association
para. paragraph
Parl., Parlt Parliament
partn. partnership
pass. passenger; passive
pax passenger(s)
PAYE pay-as-you-earn
PAYG pay-as-you-go
PB personal best
PBL problem-based learning
PBS Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme
pc parsec
p.c. per cent
PC personal computer; politically correct; personnel carrier
PCA patient-controlled analgesia
p.c.m. per calendar month
PCP pneumocystis carinii pneumonia
pd paid
p.d. per day (Latin: per diem); potential difference
PDA personal digital assistant
PDS product disclosure statement
PE physical education; probably error
Pen. Peninsula
perm. permanent
PET positron emission tomography; polyethylene terphthalate
PG (Film classification) parental guidance recommended
pg., p. page
PhD Doctor of Philosophy
photog. photography; photographic
phr. phrase
phys. ed. physical education
phys. physical; physics
PI private investigator
PID pelvic inflammatory disease
pizz. (Music) plucked strings (Italian: pizzicato)
PjBL project-based learning
Pk Park
pkt packet
PKU phenylketonuria
Pl. Place (in street names)
pl., plur. plural
P/L Proprietary Limited
PLC (British) public limited company
PLO Palestine Liberation Organisation
PLR public lending right
PLTOFF Pilot Officer
p.m. afternoon (Latin: post meridiem)
PM Prime Minister
PMG Postmaster-General
PMS premenstrual syndrome
PMT premenstrual tension
PNA Palestinian National Authority
PND postnatal depression
PNG Papua New Guinea
PO postal order; Post Office; Petty Officer
pop. population
pos. position
POW prisoner of war
pp. pages; (Music) very softly (Italian: pianissimo)
PPP public-private partnership
PPS additional postscript (Latin: post post scriptum)
pr pair
PR public relations; permanent residence; proportional representation
pref. preference; preferred
prelim. preliminary
prep. preposition; preparation
Pres. President
pro tem. for the time being (Latin: pro tempore)
Prof. Professor
pronunc. pronunciation
prop. proprietor
prox. in or of the next or coming month (Latin: proximo)
PS postscript (Latin: post scriptum)
PSA prostate specific antigen; Prices Surveillance Authority
PSE pseudoephedrine
PSP progressive supranuclear palsy
psi pounds per square inch
psychol. psychology; psychological
pt point; pint
p.t. part-time
PT physical training
PTE Private
PTO, p.t.o. please turn over
PTSD post-traumatic stress disorder
PTU Public Transport Union
P-10 (in Victoria, Tasmania) preparatory class to year 10
p2p (Computers) peer-to-peer
Pty Proprietary
PUA potential unauthorised arrival
PUFA polyunsaturated fatty acid
PVA polyvinyl acetate
PVC polyvinyl chloride
p.w., pw, p/w per week
PWC personal watercraft
PWD people with disabilities
q quintal
q. quarto; question
Q Queen; Queensland
qubit quantum bit
QC Queen's Counsel
QCD quantum chromodynamics
QCE Queensland Certificate of Education
Qd Queensland
QED which was to be proved (Latin: quod erat demonstrandum)
Qld Queensland
QM quartermaster
QMS quartermaster sergeant
qq. questions
qr quarter
qt. quantity
qto quarto
qtr quarter; quarterly
qual. qualified; quality
quot. quotation
QUT Queensland University of Technology
q.v. which see (Latin: quod vide)
r. radius; right; (Cricket) runs
R (Film classification) restricted (to those aged 18 and over); roentgen; (Electricity) resistance
RA Royal Academy
RAAF Royal Australian Air Force
rad radian
RADM Rear Admiral
RAE Royal Australian Engineers
RAF Royal Air Force
rall. (Music) becoming gradually slower (Italian: rallentando)
RAM reverse annuity mortgage
RAMC Royal Australian Medical Corps
RAN Royal Australian Navy
R&B rhythm and blues
RAS Royal Agricultural Society (of New South Wales)
RASV Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria
RBA Reserve Bank of Australia
RBL reasonable benefit limit
RBT random breath test
RC Red Cross; Roman Catholic; (Film classification) refused classification
RCT (Navy) Recruit
Rd Road
RD rural delivery (used in addresses)
RDI recommended dietary intake; recommended daily intake
RDO rostered day off
RDT random drug test(ing)
rec. receipt
REC (Army) Recruit
recd received
ref. reference; referee
reg. registration; registered; regulation
Regt Regiment
relig. religion; religious
rep. representative
retd retired
Rev., Revd Reverend
RFDS Royal Flying Doctor Service
RFG reformulated gasoline
r.h.s. right-hand side
RIB rigid inflatable boat
RIP may he or she (or they) rest in peace (Latin: requiescat in pace)
rit., ritard. (Music) slower, holding back (Italian: ritardando)
riv. river
rm room
RMB Roadside Mail Box
RMIT Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology
RN registered nurse; Royal Navy
RNA ribonucleic acid
RNase ribonuclease
RNZAF Royal New Zealand Air Force
RNZN Royal New Zealand Navy
ROI return on investment
Rom. Roman; Romanic; (Bible) Romans
ROW right of way; Rest of World
RPF relative pollen frequency
r.p.m. revolutions per minute
r.p.s. revolutions per second
RSA Republic of South Africa
RSL Returned and Services League of Australia
RSPCA Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
RSS (Telecom.) really simple syndication
RSVP please reply (French: répondez s'il vous plaît)
Rt Hon. Right Honourable
R-12 (in SA) reception class to year 12
Rx prescription (Latin: recipe)
s. singular; second(s); south; southern
S south; southern; siemens
SA South Australia; South Africa; South America; Salvation Army
SACE South Australian Certificate of Education
s.a.e., SAE stamped addressed envelope; self-addressed envelope
SARS severe acute respiratory syndrome
SAS Special Air Service
SASE stamped self-addressed envelope
Sat. Saturday
SBS Special Broadcasting Service
SBLT Sub Lieutenant
SC Senior Counsel
s/c self-contained
SCG Sydney Cricket Ground
sch. school
sci-fi, SF science fiction
SCM supply chain management
SCO Shanghai Cooperation Organisation
SE south-east; south-eastern
SEATO South-East Asia Treaty Organisation
sec. second; secondary; secretary; section; secure
sect. section
secy, sec. secretary
sen., snr, sr senior
sep., separ. separate
Sep., Sept. September
Sergt, Sgt, SGT Sergeant
SES State Emergency Service
sf., sfz. (Music) with force (Italian: sforzando)
SFA saturated fatty acid
SFN Superannuation Fund Number
s.g. specific gravity
SGC superannuation guarantee charge
shd should
shpt shipment
shr. share
SI International System of Units (French: Système International d'Unités); (in NZ) South Island
SIEV suspected illegal entry vessel
sig. signature
SIG (Military) Signaller
sing. singular
SKD (of vehicles) semi-knocked down
SM stipendiary magistrate
SMN Seaman
SMN* Seaman Star
SMS short messaging service
SMSF self-managed superannuation fund
snr, sr senior
Soc. Society
SOB start of business
SOCOG Sydney Organising Committee for the Olympic Games
SOHO small office home office
SOI Southern Oscillation Index
sop. soprano
sp. gr. specific gravity
sp. special; species
SPA Socialist Party of Australia
SPC Secretariat of the Pacific Community (formerly, South Pacific Commission).
spec., sp. special
SPF sun protection factor
spp. species (pl.)
SPQR the Roman Senate and people (Latin: Senatus Populusque Romanus)
SPR Sapper
SPUD Single Person Urban Dwelling
Sq. Square (in street names)
SQNLDR Squadron Leader
sr steradian
Sr Senior; Sister
SRC Students' Representative Council
SS steamship
SSCE Senior Secondary Certificate of Education
SSSB small solar-system body
St Street; State; Saint; Strait
STB set-top box
STD sexually transmitted disease; Subscriber Trunk Dialling
ster. sterling
Sth south
Sthn southern
STMM short-term money market
stn station
sub. subeditor; subject
subj. subject
Sun., Sund. Sunday
Super. Superintendent
surg. surgery; surgical; surgeon
SUT Swinburne University of Technology
SUV sports utility vehicle
Sv Sverdrup; sievert
SW south-west; south-western
sym. symbol; symbolic; symmetrical; symphony
sz. size
t tonne
T tesla
TAB Totalisator Agency Board
TAFE Technical and Further Education
TAI International Atomic Time (French: Temps Atomique International)
Tas. Tasmania
TBA to be announced
TBC to be confirmed
tbs., tbsp. tablespoon
TCE Tasmanian Certificate of Education
TDI tolerable daily intake
tech. technical; technology
TEE Tertiary Entrance Examination
tel. telephone
telecom. telecommunications
temp. temporary; temperature
TER Tertiary Entrance Rank
TES Tertiary Entrance Statement; Tertiary Entrance Score
TESOL teaching English to speakers of other languages
TFN tax file number
theat. theatre; theatrical
Thu., Thurs. Thursday
TI Thursday Island
TIA trans-ischaemic attack
TK CMAN Tank Crewman
TM transcendental meditation
TNT trinitrotoluene
TO Technical Officer
TPC Trade Practices Commission
TPO tree preservation order
TPR Trooper
TPV temporary protection visa
tr. transitive; translate; translated; translator
TR (Military) Trainee
trad. traditional
trans. transcript; translated; translation; translator
trig. trigonometric; trigonometry
trop. tropical
tsp., t. teaspoon
T-12 (in the NT) transition to year 12
Tues., Tue., Tu. Tuesday
TWI trade-weighted index
2LT Second Lieutenant
u atomic mass unit
U Union; United; University
UAC Universities Admissions Centre
UAE United Arab Emirates
UAI Universities Admission Index
UAP United Australia Party
UAV unmanned aerial vehicle
u.c. upper case
u/c undercover
UCC ultra-clean coal
UCP undercover parking
UCQ University of Central Queensland
UDA Ulster Defence Association
UHF, u.h.f. ultra high frequency
UHT ultra heat treated
UK United Kingdom
ult., ulto in or of the preceding month (Latin: ultimo)
UN United Nations
UNCTAD United Nations Commission for Trade and Development
UNDRO United Nations Disaster Relief Organisation
UNE University of New England
UNEF United Nations Emergency Force
UNESCO United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation
UNHCR United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
uni. university
UNICEF United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund
UNIDO United Nations Industrial Development Organisation
univ. university
UNSW University of New South Wales
UPF ultraviolet protection factor
UQ University of Queensland
US United States
USA United States of America
USAF United States Air Force
USB (Computers) universal serial bus
USD US dollar
USN United States Navy
USO universal service obligation; United Services Organisation
USQ University of Southern Queensland
USSR Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
usu. usually
UT universal time
UTC universal time coordinated
U3A University of the Third Age
UTS University of Technology, Sydney
UV ultraviolet
UVA ultraviolet A
UVB ultraviolet B
UWA University of Western Australia
UWS University of Western Sydney
v. verb; verse; versus; volume; velocity
V volt
vac. vacancy; vacant; vacation
var. variant; variation; variety
VAT value added tax
vb verb
VBIED vehicle-borne improvised explosive device
VC Victoria Cross; Vice-Chairman; Vice-Chancellor
VCE Victorian Certificate of Education
VCR video cassette recorder
VDT visual display terminal
VDU visual display unit
VE Day Victory in Europe
vel. velocity
VET Vocational Education and Training
VFL Victorian Football League (former name of the Australian Football League)
VG Valuer-General; Vicar-General
VHF, v.h.f. very high frequency
Vic. Victoria
vid. see (Latin: vide)
viz. namely (Latin: videlicet)
VJ Day Victory over Japan Day
VOD video on demand
VoIP voice over IP
vol. volume
VP Vice-President
VP Day Victory in the Pacific Day
vs. versus; verse
vv. verses
w. week; weight; west; western; wide; width; with
W west; western; watt
WA Western Australia
WAAF (formerly in the UK) Women's Auxiliary Air Force
WACE Western Australian Certificate of Education
WAN wide area network
WASP white Anglo-Saxon Protestant
Wb weber
WBP world's best practice
w.c. without charge
WC toilet (water closet)
wd word; would
WEA Workers' Educational Association
Wed. Wednesday
WEL Women's Electoral Lobby
WGCDR Wing Commander
WHO World Health Organisation
wir walk-in robe
wk week; work
wkly weekly
wkt wicket
WMD weapon of mass destruction
WO (Navy) Warrant Officer
WOFF (Air Force) Warrant Officer
WO1 (Army) Warrant Officer Class One
WO2 (Army) Warrant Officer Class Two
w.p.b. wastepaper basket
w.p.m. words per minute
WRAAC Women's Royal Australian Army Corps
WRAAF Women's Royal Australian Air Force
WRANS Women's Royal Australian Naval Service
WST Western Standard Time
wt weight
WTO World Trade Organisation
ww wall-to-wall
WWF World Wildlife Fund
WWI World War I
WWII World War II
www World Wide Web
X Cross; (Film classification) restricted (to age 18 and over; contains sexually explicit material)
Xmas Christmas
XP extreme programming
X ref. cross-reference
y. year
yd yard
YHA Youth Hostels Association
YMCA Young Men's Christian Association
yo, y/o year(s) old
yr year
yrs yours
YWCA Young Women's Christian Association
ZEV zero-emission vehicle
zool. zoology

There are different conventions regarding the punctuation of abbreviations. In Australia, contractions (abbreviations from which the middle is omitted, rather than the end, such as DrCwlth) are not usually given full stops.

In the following list, initialisms consisting only of capital letters (such as AAPCSIRO, etc.) are not given full stops, but abbreviations containing lower-case letters (such as Jan.tbsp., etc.) do have full stops (unless they are contractions). However, other conventions may be adopted, such as placing full stops between the letters of an initialism (A.A.P.C.S.I.R.O., etc.), using full stops only for abbreviations which consist entirely of lower-case letters (so Jan, but tbsp., etc.), or abandoning full stops altogether (AAPUWSJantbsp).

Note that symbols, such as cm for centimetreCu for copper, etc., are not generally given full stops, regardless of the case of their letters.

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