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Our favourite invented portmanteaus from members of the Australian Writers’ Centre

The Australian Writers’ Centre recently held a competition asking for the best invented portmanteau. They awarded their winners, but we’ve trawled through the entries and found some favourites of our own. Let us know if we’ve picked one of yours or if you have any others to contribute.

Without further ado, our favourite submissions, in no particular order:





wuggly	When a person is feeling comfy or cozy in a close fitting, temperate environment. E.g. I'm so wuggly I don't want to get out of bed.

apostrofear - terror of using apostrophes the wrong way because, lets face it, no-one ever taught you the right way

madvertising - Maddening + Advertising. Could be those ads that just really annoy you, pre-rolls on YouTube, or when you see the same ad over and over, every break during a tv binge (when you're not writing, that is)

Cofteacrisis	A crisis concerning the choice between coffee and tea on non-busy days

bingesomnia	inability to get to sleep at night caused by irresistible urge to stream 'just one more' episode of your favourite Netflix show..

Twanger	a person who persistently fires off angry Tweets

Selfieitis	The impact of taking too many selfies. This can manifest itself in behaviour and signs/symptoms such as painful lips and cheeks from excessive duck mouth or fish gape posing

Feasterbunning	the act of overindulging in Easter treats

Brainwreck	That feeling when your brain has been working so fast and you just can't do any more!

Medibaking	cooking as a form of relaxation, as in "I am medibaking to keep my mind off my exams"

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