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Make Your Words Matter | TEXT100 and TEDx

Yesterday the Macquarie Dictionary team attended the Text100 event at the Botanical Gardens in Sydney to discuss all things words in 2017, in line with the theme: Make Your Words Matter. The four panellists included our very own Susan Butler, long time Editor of the Macquarie Dictionary; Aedhmar Hynes, the CEO of Text100; Rebecca Huntley, social researcher at Essential Media and Simon Crerar, Editor and General Manager of BuzzFeed Australia.

Words can be used to convey warm feelings to someone but they can also be used to hit someone over the head. – Susan Butler

Each panelist discussed the way language is changing and adapting to the digital age. During Susan’s session with moderator Fenella Kernebone, they discussed the need for businesses to communicate effectively to their customers by avoiding incorrect spelling, grammar and usage.
If you find your audience is focused on your typo, rather than what you want to get across to them, then you’ve lost. – Susan Butler
You can watch Susan’s full session here.

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