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Madonna’s bra is a divisive part of the Sydney skyline

Did you know you can see Madonna’s bra from office buildings in Sydney? You can even drive under it! Madonna’s bra is a cheeky nickname for the ANZAC bridge, coined for the bridge’s supposed resemblance to the pointy bra formerly worn by the pop star Madonna. (Not to be confused with the ‘bra or Maroubra in Sydney’s south.)

Though not a tourist attraction like the Sydney Harbour Bridge, we think the ANZAC Bridge is pretty special in its own right, especially when viewed at sunset from up high. Opened in 1996 to replace the former Glebe Island Bridge, the ANZAC Bridge spans a bay in the western part of Sydney Harbour. It’s the gateway to the west, as well as being the longest cable-stayed bridge in Australia. 

For those curious bridge aficionados among you, the Sydney Harbour Bridge is nicknamed the coathanger

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