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Macquarie shortlist of words of the year | Fashion

With an extensive fifteen categories each containing five words, the Macquarie Dictionary Word of the Year longlist can be a lot to take in. These 75 words (you can check the full list out here) are narrowed down by our Committee to fifteen from which you can then vote for in the People’s Choice Word of the Year 2019.

Before you cast your vote, be sure to read over the highlights from the Fashion category and learn what the words mean and where they come from. Don’t forget to comment and let us know which words you like and what you think!

Fashion is an innovative field that sees dozens of new words coined each year. Previous words that have made it to the Fashion shortlist include lumbersexual, onesie and loom band. This year sees a variety of new words and definitions that cover everything from clothing item slang to haircare methods.

If you like your wine budget-friendly then you may have heard the term cleanskin, which already appears in the dictionary with a variety of definitions including an unlabelled (and often low cost) wine, an unbranded animal, or a person free from blame. This year, a newly submitted and somewhat controversial definition denotes a person without any tattoos.

A regionalism is a word characteristic to a particular town, area or region and this year we’ve got Tassie tuxedo which comes from (you guessed it) Tasmania! A puffer jacket, particularly one that is black in colour is often jokingly referred to as a Tassie tuxedo.


noun Colloquial someone without any tattoos.

Being a cleanskin probably puts me in the minority, and, if I remember correctly from primary school, a big part of being cool is being different.

Give the grandparents a heart attack when you rock up for Christmas lunch with kids bearing arms of tatts! These tattoo sleeves are the ultimate in fun for tweens and teens. Plus, cleanskin dads will love them too.

Tassie tuxedo

noun Tasmania Colloquial (humorous) a puffer jacket, especially one black in colour.
Also, Tasmanian tuxedo.

Don your Tassie Tuxedo and come down to the Hobart Brewing Company to explore these chilly topics on a chilly July night with Zanna Chase of IMAS.

This year I’m asking for not only donations to my cause but I challenge you to join me sleeping out! 

Grab your Tassie Tuxedo and brave the cold for just one night for a good cause. Go Fund Me page 2014 

Rounding out the Fashion category are the words no poo, textile beach and dadcore. You can find the definitions for these words as well as our longlist on our Word of the Year page.

The shortlisted word from this category for 2019 is cleanskin. We featured cleanskin in our Words to Watch back in July this year. You can find more information on the shortlist and vote here.

Image of Macquarie Dictionary Word of the Year cleanskin someone without any tattoos.

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