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Give us a fair crack of the whip!

This week we want you to give our blog a fair crack of the whip as we explore fairness and it’s usage in Australian English. 

Aussie slang is full of unique and entertaining ways to ask for fair treatment. To say you want a fair crack of the whip is to appeal for fairness. The oft heard, fair go is another classic Aussie demand for a fair or reasonable opportunity. Likewise, fair suck of the sav is classic Australiana meaning the same thing. 

Once you’ve been given a fair go, you need to hop in for your chop, in other words, step up and take your fair share. A person who embodies the spirit of fairness is known as a battlera decent and fair person who struggles continually and persistently against heavy odds.

You might notice a glaring omission from this blog, but never fear, we wrote about quintessentially Aussie phrase fair dinkum back in 2019. 

Each week, we have a look at a slang word from Australian English. You can see other Aussie Word of the Week posts from the Macquarie Dictionary here.

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