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Celebrating language for NAIDOC Week

This NAIDOC Week, we’re celebrating by sharing some fun facts around the many different Aboriginal languages and cultures in Australia. We’ve shared these on our InstagramTwitter and Facebook pages. Follow us if you want to see more.









Macquarie Dictionary NAIDOC Week - The word bunyip is taken from Wergaia, which is closely related to Wembawemba and can be considered a dialect of it.

Macquarie Dictionary NAIDOC Week - The Aboriginal flag was designed by Harold Thomas, an Arrernte elder, in 1971.

Macquarie Dictionary - NAIDOC Week - Neville Bonner, the first Indigenous Australian to hold a seat in the Australian federal parliament, was a Yagara man.

Macquarie Dictinoary NAIDOC Week - Around Lake Eyre in the 1860s, Diyari appears to have been a lingua franca amongst the Aboriginal population.

Macquarie Dictionary NAIDOC Week - The legendary yowie takes its name from the Yuwaalaraay word yuwi.

Macquarie Dictionary NAIDOC Week - The Warumpi Band is an Australian rock band, formed in 1983; recorded the first rock song in an Aboriginal language (Luritja).

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