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Beautiful words to start the year right

In a world where our words are practical and repetitive (just read any email chain!) we like to collate words that make you sit back and say “beautiful”. Below are six words that illuminate the pages of the Macquarie Dictionary.

Some glow while others feel peaceful. Which word is the most beautiful to you?

Comment below if you think there are any other words worthy of the list and you might see them in an upcoming blog. You can also read the other entries in our beautiful words series here on our blog. 


beautiful words - corduroy - a cotton pile fabric with lengthwise cords or ridges

beautiful words - umbriferous - casting or making shade

beautiful words - syzygy - the conjunction or opposition of two heavenly bodies; a point in the orbit of a body, as the moon, at which it is in conjunction with or in opposition to the sun.

beautiful words - paramour - an illicit lover, especially of a married person

beautiful words - meander - to proceed by a winding course

beautiful words - incandescent - intensely bright; brilliant






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