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Baby animal names

Baby animals are a constant source of cooing here at the Macquarie office so we decided to compile a list of baby animal names to go along with our list of collective nouns for animals

We have also been asking ourselves, just when does a baby animal turn in to an adult? When does a pup become a full grown doggo? The Macquarie defines a pup as “a young dog, especially one less than one year old; a puppy.” In that case, one year might seem like a good marker for a puppy becoming an adult dog, even if some of us continue to think of our canine friends as pups for their whole lives. 

Other entries are more specific. A puggle, a young echidna, is considered a baby animal until it leaves the pouch. 

Check out the eight baby animals below. We bet you can’t get to the end of the list without saying “aww”.  


Picture of a gosling Image of a puggle 

Image of a kitten Image of a lamb 

Image of a puppy Image of a pup

 Link to image of a kid


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