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Mate or friend: How ya goin bunge?

Contributor's comments: The word bungee, or shortened to bunge was used by aborigines around Mt.Isa to refer to a white friend.

Contributor's comments: Heard 'Bungee' frequently used in Melbourne's Aboriginal community.

Contributor's comments: [North Coast Qld informant] Coming from NSW, I had not heard of this term for friendship. To be truthful I never knew what it meant untill I read it in this web site, despite the fact three or more work colleagues use it regulary. Seems to be generally used by rural people not so much city dwellers.

Contributor's comments: When I was at secondary school in the late seventies, bunge/bunj and bungie/bunji were use to mean friend or mate. After moving to North Qld in the early eighties I never heard it again.