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a. a low-growing plant (Emex australis) having many hard, sharp, spiny seeds that are extremely painful to step on and which will sometimes even puncture through shoe soles.
b. one of these seeds. Compare California puncture weed, caltrop, cat head1, cat's eye1, double-gee, goat's head, three-corner jack.
Contributor's comments: [North Coast Qld informant] May be the same as bindi-eye, etc., in other regions. But these plants grew flat on the ground and produced a large pod the size of a small marble with 3 or 4 thorns protruding out. Very painful to stand on. We also had bindi's which could be of several types of grass burr.

Contributor's comments: Bindiis around Brisbane were a smaller plant than the khaki burr, referred to as bindiis in western Qld. The three cornered burrs in western Qld are bullheads, and are very common. Another bad one out that way is dog burr, also called galvanised burr. Once west of the great divide, prickles are just as common but burrs like bullheads, or goatheads, are everywhere.

Contributor's comments: In "T'ville" (Townsville) we called these types of thing "goat's heads". Used to itch for a while even after they were removed from your foot.