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A game we played under our high set school buildings in the 60s. Two players would face each other and throw a tennis ball up against the beam. The aim was to hit the beam so the ball bounced back to the thrower. It it missed the beam the other player claimed it. Points were awarded for the number of catches. There were a variety of games we played: Let's have a game of beamie. Also, beanie.

Contributor's comments: [This] was used in Yeppoon, 4703 in the late 70s and early 80s also.

Contributor's comments: I grew up in West Central Qld and 'beamie' or 'beam' was one of our favourite games at 'elevena' and lunchtime - very serious and very competitive. Those were the days! Unfortunately today's steel constructed buildings do not seem to provide a wooden beam to play on.