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1.  Child care provided at the school after school hours: Are you going to afters today?
2.  a party held after a school ball.
3.  dessert.

Contributor's comments: Certainly in recent times (last 15 years) I have used the word "afters" to refer to after school care, but I used it at school as a shortened for afternoon tea as in "We're going to Mum's for afters". Victorian mother, WA educated Dad, lived all my life in Victoria.

Contributor's comments: a party after a school ball - 'befores' is the party before the ball where everyone meets up to go to the ball together.

Contributor's comments: 'Afters' generally refers to any party occurring after a big event - not just a school ball. It tends to be prefaced by what the event was - ie. 'ball afters' or 'production afters'. I think it was derived from 'after-ball party' or something to that effect.

Contributor's comments: I understand "afters" to be desert - after the main course.

Contributor's comments: Tasmanian expression for dessert etc. after a main course.