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army personnel: The pub was full of AJs last night.

Contributor's comments: AJ is a derogatory term used almost exclusively in Townsville an it means Army Jerk - I am an ex-soldier and the use of AJ was and still is common.

Contributor's comments: AJ - "Army Jerk" was used in singular and plural to describe soldiers. It was commonly used in Townsville when I lived their in the mid '80's. When I've used it in other parts of Qld and Northern NSW it is recognised.

Contributor's comments: I was in The army during the seventies and I heard this term used from Puckapunyal to Townsville . It was very common. Keep up the Good work !

Contributor's comments: We also used AJ when I was living in Wagga - home of Kapooka Army Base and 1RTB.

Contributor's comments: It has seeped into such common usage that it is not just a derogatory term. It is used very widely in Townsville and North Queensland to represent military personnel

Contributor's comments: I have heard this term predominantly used in Townsville where I grew up. Apparently (from questioning my family, the derogatory term for Army personnel originated in Townsville in the early 70s.

Contributor's comments: Used also in the Albury Wodonga region around Latchford barracks. Regionalism is probably spread via Army and is therefore likely to be widespread.

Contributor's comments: I often heard & used this term in the 8 years I lived in Brisbane.

Contributor's comments: I've heard the term used in the USA as well, interestingly enough.

Contributor's comments: The use of the term AJ is reasonably common in Brisbane but I have heard it particularly to refer to young soldiers who are looking for a bit of action while out on the town.

Contributor's comments: I have also heard this defined as "Army Joe" (as compared with the Americanism GI Joe) but I suspect that's just people sanitising the meaning for me.