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A new collection of six more beautiful words from the Macquarie Dictionary editors

Beautiful words are in the eye of the beholder. We’ve taken some suggestions and put together a few more words that we think evoke a sense of loveliness either in the way they sound or the way they look, and sometimes in the definition.

You can read our first list of beautiful words here, and our follow-up here. We absolutely adore seeking out and being guided to words like these, so please tell us your favourites, or any words you think should be in our next collection. We’d love to hear from you.






beautiful words melliflous - sweetly or smoothly flowing

beautiful words harlequin - fancifully varied in colour, decoration

beautiful words croquembouche -  an elaborate pastry of small puff balls in a pyramid

Beautiful words - allegretto - in rapid tempo, a musical direction

Beautiful words - glockenspiel - a small keyboard instrument imitating the sound of bells

Beautiful words - molasses - the thick brown bitter uncrystallised syrup drained from raw sugar

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