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Do you need the definitive Australian English dictionary's wordlist to use in a product or application you are developing? We currently license the Macquarie Dictionary's data to numerous institutions and organisations who have used it for a multitude of purposes to improve their internal systems or services to customers.


Data Types:

Macquarie Dictionary Data - The full edition consists of over 140,000 references and over 210,000 definitions while the Concise and other smaller editions as well as educational dictionaries are also available.

Macquarie Spellchecker Wordlist - A list of over 450,000 references.

Macquarie Thesaurus Data - The full edition consists of over 800 keywords and over 200,000 synonyms. This is available in either 'themed keyword' format or 'A-Z dictionary' format.


Data Uses:

The Dictionary headwords and definitions can be used to create an Australian English dictionary or spellchecker on intranets, websites, CMS applications, in-house editing programs, hand-helds etc. The Thesaurus headwords and synonyms can be used in developing or creating a program which suggests synonyms to the user.


Data Formats:

The Macquarie data can be delivered to you in ASCII, HTML or XML formats according to your development needs.


Data Licensing:

Currently we offer both commercial data licences and institutional research data licences. For more information, including pricing, please contact us.