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´ acute, as in passé
` grave, as in à la mode
ˆ circumflex, as in s’il vous plaît
¸ cedilla, as in Alençon
˜ tilde, as in São Paulo
¨ 1. dieresis, as in Lacoön
2. umlaut, as in Führer
¯ macron, as in Al-Minyā
˘ breve, as in Cetatea Albă
ˇ háček, as in Dvořák
smooth breathing
rough breathing
* denoting a hypothetical or reconstructed form; used especially in etymologies

Symbols and signs

@ 1. at ... each; used in giving a price for each individual item (as in: 6 apples @ 50 cents will cost $3)
2. at; used in email addresses following the user name and before the domain name
& ampersand, meaning and
&c et cetera; and others; and so forth; and so on
foot; feet (as in 6′ = six feet)
inch(es) (as in 6′2″ = six feet, two inches)
× 1. by; used in stating dimensions (as in: a box that is 2m × 4m × 3m)
2. a sign (the cross) made in place of a signature by a person who cannot write, as in
John × Jones
% per cent
per thousand
< less than
> more than
# number
spade (suit in cards)
club (suit in cards)
heart (suit in cards)
diamond (suit in cards)
© copyright; copyrighted
® registered; registered trademark
paragraph mark
§ section mark
" ditto
* asterisk
ellipsis; used to show the omission of words, letters, etc.
dagger; used to refer to explanatory matter at bottom of text page
double dagger; used for the same purpose as the dagger but for different items
/, s shillings
d pence
£ pounds
$ dollars
¢ cents
¥ yen