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Q. How much does it cost to subscribe to the dictionary online?
Q. Do you offer a student discount on subscriptions?
Q. Do you offer a publisher discount on subscriptions?
Q. I have a promo code. How do I redeem this?
Q. I’d like to extend my free trial of the Dictionary Online
Q. I am having trouble signing in to the Dictionary. How do I log in?
Q. How do I update my password and/or username?
Q. How do I log in to My Account?
Q. How do I update my contact / billing details?
Q. How do I renew my subscription? (Individual users)
Q. How do I renew my subscription? (Institution/Business)
Q. How do I renew my subscription? (School/University)
Q. How do I renew my subscription? (Public/State Library)
Q. How do I know when my subscription is going to expire? (all users)
Q. How do I request an invoice prior to renewal? (All Institutional users)
Q. Can I get a payment receipt and/or invoice for my transaction?
Q. I received an email with my payment receipt, but have not received my username and password.
Q. How does a word get into the dictionary?
Q. How often is the website updated?
Q. Are updates to the dictionary included as part of my subscription?
Q. I just looked up a word in the dictionary and it’s missing. How do I do an advanced search?
Q. How do I read an entry?
Q. Why do some words in the dictionary appear in red?
Q. Are trademarks in the dictionary?
Q. How do I access the Macquarie Thesaurus?
Q. How can I print from the Dictionary Online?
Q. Is this content protected by copyright?
Q. What is copyright?
Q. Can I reproduce content?
Q. How do I acknowledge or reference Macquarie content?
Q. Do you have a comprehensive list of proofreading marks?
Q. How can I get usage stats for our institutional subscription?
Q. Can I set up IP access if I have a proxy server?
Q. What stanza or set-up details do I use for an EZproxy server?
Q. Is the Dictionary available as an ebook?
Q. Do you have any iOS apps?
Q. Do you have any Android apps?