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Rolled up flat bread meal with either lamb/beef meat and condiments of various sorts - traditionally Greek in origin: Gonna grab a yiros (usually after a night out at the pub). Also, yeeros.
Contributor's comments: Seems to be used in this form in the Northern Territory (Darwin region), but referrred to as a Doner Kebab (kebab) in NSW (Sydney region) also possibly in SA (Adelaide region) and as a Souvlaki in Victoria. All for the same type of food.

Editor's comments: This word is a respelling of the Greek word "gyros", which in modern Greek is pronounced "year-ross". It is related to the English word "gyrate" = spin, because the meat is cooked an a rotating upright spit. They are the same as "doner kebabs" (the Turkish name). The traditional Greek dish "souvlaki" is similar, but in the context of fast food outlets, yeeros and souvlaki are often equivalent terms.

Contributor's comments: This dish is called Yiros in South Australia. Best yiros at the Lamb Spit Jetty Road Glenelg.