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Rubber summer shoes that have rubber between the toes (to hold them onto your feet) Like the picture on this site!: No Thongs or Tank tops allowed (sign in a pub referring to dress standards)

Editor's comments: Are there other terms for thongs around Australia?

Contributor's comments: I served in the RAN between 1951 to 1958. On two occasions I served in Korean and Japese waters. During these tours of duty I encountered what are known today as "thongs". These were the original thin soled rubber 'thong'. On board ship, we found that these were the ideal footwear to wear from our messdeck to the showers and back again. If I recall correctly they could be purchased for about the value of a shilling in, Japan, and later in Hong Kong and Singapore.

Contributor's comments: I'm not sure of the following spelling so I will refer to them phonetically. We used the Japanese word 'gettas'. I believe this has something to do with the name for old Japanese footwear, especially that worn by Geishas. These were usually wooden with a very high sole and the small strap passing through and back from between the big toe and the second toe. When I returned from my first tour of duty I arrived home at Manly, Brisbane, with several pairs. I gave my sisters a pair each. I always wore them to my local pub. For the first few times my civvie mates would pester me to let them try them on. I think I can safely say gettas/thongs/flip-flops/Japanese riding boots (and many more names) were introduced to Australia by service personnel who served in Korea. When I returned to my ship I had orders for quite a few pair of 'gettas'. If only there were shipping containers back then I could have filled on with 'gettas', set up a shop outside my pub and made my fortune. Unfortunately someone with get-up-and-go beat my to the punch.

Contributor's comments: [Brisbane informant] Flip-flops is an alternative, I think.

Contributor's comments: [from northern SA] We have always called them thongs.

Contributor's comments: I remember my cousins who lived in both QLD and Victoria during their childhood, using the word 'jandles' when talking about their thongs. I am sure I have heard it used by others since then.

Contributor's comments: 'Jandles' is very much a (southern) New Zealand regionalism, and may be derived from a brand name.

Contributor's comments: The kids next door to us in the 50s and 60s in suburban Perth always called thongs getties.

Contributor's comments: "Jandals" is a New Zealand term for thongs.

Contributor's comments: The correct spelling is "jandals" and it is the term used throughout New Zealand.

Contributor's comments: The word "jandles" sounds very much like "sandals" doesn't it? Going back to "thongs" I was surprised when I first heard it over here when referring to those flip-flops, having lived in the UK, where "thong" means G-string!!!