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the bay

1.  name given to Byron Bay: Going to the Bay; holidaying at the Bay.
2.  Glenelg.
3.  Nelson Bay or Shoal Bay (Port Stephens)
4.  Port Philip Bay.

Contributor's comments: In SA The Bay means only one place - Glenelg, where the state was founded. Glenelg is on Holdfast Bay & Glenelg/The Bay are one & the same. Glenelg Trams, (Adelaide's only tram service) are called Bay Trams. Glenelg Football Club is called "The Bays" by supporters.

Contributor's comments: To anyone from Adelaide, "the Bay" is Glenelg, a beach-side suburb. Glenelg is situate on Holdfast Bay, and was where the first governor of South Australia landed and proclaimed SA in 1836. The local Glenelg football team are known as the "Bays",and their home ground is known as the Bay Oval. The Glenelg tram is the "Bay tram".

Contributor's comments: Growing up in Newcastle, the Bay was always Nelson Bay or Shoal Bay on Port Stephens.

Contributor's comments: Nelson Bay (near Newcastle) is known to locals as The Bay.

Contributor's comments: For a Melbourner 'The Bay' is Port Philip Bay (of course). e.g. Let's go fishing out on the bay.

Contributor's comments: In Byron Bay, there are three ways people refer to the town and which of the three they choose marks them down as either old-time local, blow-in local or tourist. Old-time locals, who have had a connection with the town since before the Aquarius festival and subsequent tourist influx, call the town "the Bay", a tag which is picked up by our conservative local paper to try and privilege the 'real' culture of the town. People arriving since that time (and out of town trendies) tend to call it Byron. Tourists, backpackers, etc. call the town 'Byron Bay'.