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your dacs, your pants, long pants: I'm going home to put on some strides.

Contributor's comments: "Strides' only meant men's pants in Northern NSW. Females didn't often wear long pants but if they did they would be more likely called 'slacks' or 'trousers' but strides could also refer to women's 'undies'.

Contributor's comments: Is this a regionalism? I thought it was just part of general Australian slang. It was certainly commonly used in Melbourne in the 50s and 60s.

Contributor's comments: I've heard the expressions of strides, dacks and duds as commonplace terms from the 1950s for trousers. I believe the expressions were so popular that the words became trademarks. Dacks may have been a contraction of dacron, the crease resistant synthetic material they were made from.

Contributor's comments: Strides were usually 'long pants' (as opposed to 'short pants') and used as in "I have to change my strides before we can go out".