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sparrow's fart

Very early in the morning, Dawn: We got up at sparrow's fart to go fishing.

Contributor's comments: Used in Melbourne too.

Contributor's comments: An expression I have heard used in VIC and ACT, but only occasionally.

Contributor's comments: the earliest time of the day - even before dawn: "I had to get up at sparrow's fart to get to the auction." I note that a sports commentator on ABC news radio uses this, but omits the 2nd word. It's probably big across a lot of Australia.

Contributor's comments: "I have to get up at a sparrow's fart in the morning to go to work"

Contributor's comments: The term sparrow fart is used in Nth S. A. to describe getting up early. If you had to get up very early it was described as getting up before sparrows fart.

Contributor's comments: My dad used to use this term all the time. Particularly when he was disappointed that others hadn't got up at sparrow's fart, to enjoy the best time of the day. I've also heard this term used in country Victoria.