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(1) a break in the work of the morning or of the afternoon, originally to allow time for workers to smoke tobacco; (2) food or drink consumed at that time. Cf "morning tea" etc.: Meaning (1) appears to be in wide use, but meaning (2) was observed in Western Queensland - eg a school notice for a sports afternoon, "Children should bring a suitable drink and something to eat at afternoon smoko."

Contributor's comments: As an apprentice in Adelaide, we always stopped for smoko. In North West Western Australia it is always crib - ie 'stop for crib' or 'he's in the crib room'.

Contributor's comments: Growing up in Brisbane, I had never heard this term until I went to teach in Cunnamulla in 1971. There, everyone used the term for the morning or afternoon break - often a tea break. Even the little children at school referred to smoko, rather than the 'little lunch' that we had heard in the city.