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yank [rhyming slang - septic tank]: He wouldn't know - he's a bloody seppo! Also, sep, septic, septic tank.

Contributor's comments: seppo or sep: An American: Yank - Septic Tank - Seppo.

Contributor's comments: Any citizen of the United States of America. As a general rule Australians do not distinguish between Yankees and Rebels prefering the term Yank for all. From rhyming slang 'yank' becomes 'septic tank' and it is a short step from there to 'sepo': A US Navy ship's in 'Freo' (Fremantle) so the sepo's will be in town tonight.

Contributor's comments: Often explaining this term to foreign friends (generally not Seppos themselves) I've always completed the rhyming slang "yank/septic tank" with the metaphor; "Full of sh_t!"

Contributor's comments: I've never heard them called "seppos". I've only ever heard them referred to as "septics".