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slang word for mens' swimming costume - as in Speedo type close fitting nylon or lycra costume: He didn't have his boardies (board shorts) on, only his scungies (speedos).

Contributor's comments: [Hunter Valley informant] When I was in High School we called our basketball shorts (tight fitting nylon pants, much like undies) scungies.

Contributor's comments: [Sydney informant] Brief style underwear: "I don't have my togs so I better just wear my scungies."

Contributor's comments: In Western Sydney schools [girl's sports briefs] they're known as "scungies".

Contributor's comments: In Orange all my friends called their swimming gear togs or scungies, for small ones but not shorts or boardies, but my wife from Sydney and our children in Newcastle call them swimmers.

Contributor's comments: Another nick name for mens swimming costume. A cross between the words cungie (a sponge type sea creature) and speedos or swimmers: "Hold on I'll just put on my skungies!"

the type of soccer (any sport?) played at a B-grade or lower level. That is, a soccer game or tournament where the level is very poor and probably not worth watching: I'm heading off to watch the scungies, you wanna come?