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(sang-a) sandwich: a ham and salad sanga please.

Contributor's comments: Also used in South Australia. Can be used to refer to a sausage.

Contributor's comments: Sanga is also in common use in NSW, definitely in the Riverina and to a lesser extent in Sydney.

Contributor's comments: Whoever told you this is a Perth word is either having you on or is not very widely travelled within Australia as I have heard this word used regularly as the slang for a sandwich in all states of Australia.

Contributor's comments: Have heard 'sanga' used in Brisbane.

Contributor's comments: A Sandwich: "I'm going to the snack Bar for a "Sanga" Want one?"

Contributor's comments: I grew up in Melbourne and we always called a sandwich a sanga. I'm living in England at the moment, and here they call "sangas", "sarnies".