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noun 1.  a person who is poor: They can't afford to go - they're real povos.
--adjective 2.  poor, or befitting a poor person: povo clothes. Compare pov. Also, povvo.

Contributor's comments: a poor, declassee person (presumably from 'poverty?) [used to] dismiss contemptously: "He (she) is a povo." "Ignore him. He is just a 'povvo'. Look at his clothes."

Contributor's comments: The term 'povo' comes from the word poverty.

Contributor's comments: [North Geelong informant] I would also say that this is used to describe someone who is tight arsed but not necessarily poor.

Contributor's comments: poor and despised person: "Take no notice of him - he's just a povo."

Contributor's comments: Response from a Frankston boy when asked if he was going to a particular event- "Nah I can't go, I'm a bit povo this week".

bad form, untrendy, cheap and nasty: Mum, your hairstyle is really pov; This TV programme is pov. Compare povo. [originally a derogatory term for an economically-disadvantaged person, short for poverty-stricken]

Contributor's comments: Also used, as 'poverty' in New England, NSW.

Contributor's comments: It's a descriptive word, so it doesn't really have a subject area. Anything and everything can be pov, and quite often is.

Contributor's comments: Pov and povvo are most definitely used by kids in the Riverina area and I had certainly never heard the expression before moving here from Sydney.

Contributor's comments: I have heard Melbourne teenagers use 'pov' as a negative description of a range of items.

Contributor's comments: This word is used in many Eastern suburbs private schools to denigrate kids from state schools expecially those schools in poorer suburbs.