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Stout with a dash of lemonade: Do you want a straight stout or would you prefer a portagaf/portogaf? Also, portogaf, portergaff.

Contributor's comments: "Cooper's Stout and lemonade, that's a Portagaff you've made" was part of a 1970s radio jingle for Cooper's Stout. I can recall as a small child in country SA hearing some of the men ask for a pint of porter (meaning straight stout). This would have been in 1972 or 1973.

Contributor's comments: Tried to order a portagaf in a Victorian pub and got looked at very strangely. In the end my brother taught the barman how to make them. At least they had Cooopers Stout! They liked it so much the owner shouted all the patrons a round.