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old mate

Frequently used by adolescents when referring to a man known to them. "Old mate" or "old matey" is a substitute for using the man's name. Interchangeable for "bloke", "guy" or "fella": I saw old mate about signing up for the footy team.

Contributor's comments: Old mates are also commonly found in North Queensland.

Contributor's comments: 'Old mate' is not gender restrictive. Old mate is usually the term given to the person in the story being told who's done something really stupid.

Contributor's comments: I met lots of old mates when I used to work in Moree. I haven't met any in Canberra.

Contributor's comments: A stranger, someone you have just met. As a greeting "Gidday old mate" as a referal "Ask old mate over there."

Contributor's comments: 'Old Mate' is commonly used when refering to someone when telling a yarn, its not necessarily age or gender specific.

Contributor's comments: Have heard the word used quite extensively throught the Gippsland Region.

Contributor's comments: Correct, indeed, "old mate" is not age-exclusive, but it is certainly gender-specific to males. Over five of years living in Moree (rural northern NSW) where I first encountered the usage, I heard it used prolifically but only ever of males.

Contributor's comments: 1,"Old Mate" is like a placeholder for name that is unknown. ie lets go and ask "old mate" (total stranger or name forgotten) what's going on here. 2, gday "old mate" haven't seen you for ages (thinking: don't know this blokes name ?)