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cool. See mintox.

Contributor's comments: [Riverina informant] Used to describe somebody as hot and sexy: "Check out that chick. She's mint!"

Really grouse; marvellous; very good indeed: "I just found a half-carton of Emu in the back of the fridge". "Mintox!" Also, mint.

Contributor's comments: [Perth informant] It was in vogue for a couple of years in the mid-1980s amongst school kids. Usually shortened to 'Mint'. These days the equivalent would be 'Cool!', though this word also has several other meanings (depending on how it is spoken).

Contributor's comments: [Perth informant] No, no! The expression "mint" came first (and was very common in Perth in the 1980's), and was later extended to "mintox" - kind of like how "crap" has the variant "crapola". That's my theory, although I can't explain why on earth this happened.

Editor's comments: The chronological order mint -> mintox seems reasonable. Coming first would be "mint" = cool (from the "cool" effect of mint in the mouth, eg as in Kool Mints), then extended to "mintox" (after the brandname of an oral antacid preparation).

Contributor's comments: "Mint" is something that is good, the equivalent of cool "That is so mint."

Contributor's comments: This is an oldie. Not many people say Mintox anymore - in fact, I had never heard of it (I'm 21) until a 26 year old told me about it. I think it has passed its used-by date.

Contributor's comments: Use of "mint", to mean "really good", was popular around 1972-3 when I was at primary school in Perth . I first heard "mintox", again used by schoolkids in Perth, in the early to mid-1980's.

Contributor's comments: I know this term from growing up in Perth in the 1980's, and I really don't think your editor's speculation about "mints" being "cool" is correct. I think you'll find it's from the term "mint condition".

Contributor's comments: Similar to excellent. ie Really good: "That movie was mintox (used in the 80's, less common now.)"

Contributor's comments: When I was at primary school during the early eighties this word ruled the playground. No other word could descibe ones elation like mintox could. Nearly all of my friends who are similar age remember the legendary word "mintox" and some still use it to this day (myself included!).