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word used to substitute for the identifying name of a deceased person: The late Kumanji Perkins was on the board responsible for that decision.

Contributor's comments: This word is an Arrernte (Aranda) word, spelled 'kwementyaye' using the most recent Arrernte orthography. This is a term applied by Arrernte people to those who has died, and sometimes to people who share the same skin or a close family relationship.

Contributor's comments: spelt kummajayi in Warlpiri, used in place of dead person's name or words that sound similar or are the same eg if Kay dies, KMart and OK is kummanjayi. Words that become kummanjayi are decided on by the dead persons family.

Contributor's comments: Kunmanjai from Warlpiri but used extensively in desert country to substitute for a name which cannot be said -usually the name of a recently deceased person. Also in Pitjantjara and S.A. as Kunmanara. Travelling through the desert I have often been Kunmanjai, once at a dinner all 6 persons who had different first names were ALL kunmanjai. Have heard it used in Maningrida Arnhem Land from family who had ties through stolen generation with central desert mob.