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car repair shop: the regionalism is in the pronunciation - South-west Aussies say gar arj; Melbournians say garage as in carriage.

Contributor's comments: Victorians say "gar arj"!

Editor's comments: It is very difficult to restrict any single pronunciation to a definite area. Surely there are people who pronounce "garage" both ways in Victoria. The standard British pronunciation is the one that rhymes with "carriage", but all the Victorians I know only say "guh-raj". There is a variety of Australian English known by linguists as "modified Australian" which imitates British pronunciation. It is amongst speakers of this variety that the British-like pronunciation will be present. But, where can we find these speakers? Is there a preponderance in Melbourne (as suggest above)? We need more data to clarify this.

Contributor's comments: Latrobe Valley, Victoria has a large migrant population - without fail Aussies say gar-arge, Poms say Garij.

Contributor's comments: I grew up in Bathurst and my mother worked in the office of the local garage (pronounced gar-raj) - I moved to Sydney and we also called it by the same name there, some people then started calling them 'service stations' due to adds on TV when they used to promote 'SERVICE'. That is a joke these days, when there is very little 'service' as everything is 'self serve' - it is difficult to find a 'garage' where the proprietor will check your oil water and tyres.

Contributor's comments: I have lived in Vic, Qld and NSW and the only people I have ever heard rhyme it with Carriage were Poms.

Contributor's comments: My parents were English but went to boarding schools and had no 'dialect'. They both pronounced the word 'gar-raj'. So no-one can really make assumptions about pronunciation. The expression 'garage' moved to 'petrol station' before 'service station' took over, in my memory. Perhaps we should go back to that, now there is no service!